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Finding The Family

It was finally time for another family reunion because time is running out and they need to prevent the second apocalypse. Vanya took off in Grace’s car hoping to find more information about her lost memories when the Swedish gangsters shot at her. I was confused about their attack because the handler wanted Vanya alive in season one. Hazel and Cha-Cha were originally assigned to protect Vanya so that the apocalypse could happen. I wonder what will be the cause of this time. The Swedish assassins have gone after every family member so far, it seems like they want the entire family dead, but they could also be up to something else. Luckily, five found her, but being with him isn’t so safe either. Somehow five is always a target. Now that we know the handler is alive, he’s just a dead man walking. Even though she is demoted, I feel like she is seeking her revenge without the company knowing. The handler is tough not only because she survived a bullet wound to the head, but because she doesn’t mind getting messy and it’s going to.

Alison was able to find Klaus living a life of luxury thanks to his spiritual persona and cult. He was surprised to find out she remarried, but Luther was even more shocked. He wore the disappointment on his face like a mask, but he had to come to grips that Raymond made her happy. Plus, it would be hard to explain that he is sad because he has a crush on his adopted sister (gross). I know that Luther was on the moon for years away from humanity, but he has to realize that there are plenty of women out there. He can’t just live with hope in his heart that one day Alison will ask him to be her man. Ray’s new knowledge of all of Allison’s brothers popping out of nowhere made him feel like he didn’t really know her.

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While Ray got acquainted with his brother in-laws, Allison decided to lead the sit-in without him. She alongside other African Americans sat in a segregated diner to protest. I liked how this show added so many historical events even though they were tragic. I also like how Allison took part in this specific historical event because it shows that she is a true hero not only because she has powers, but because she has a heart. She took disrespect, hateful words, and a coffee on her lap, but she couldn’t watch her husband get beaten by a cop (I don’t see how anyone can). When she whispered “I heard a rumor that you walked away”, Raymond freaked out. She couldn’t lie her way out of this one. Maybe that’s why she chose to not use her powers for so long. It only drove people away, that and her lies.

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  I think that the asylum really helped Diego, he is a lot calmer and tolerant. If it wasn’t for Lila he would probably be dead because Sir.Hargreeves beat him to a pulp, shanked him, and left him in a pool of blood. I was starting to like Lila because when she is with Diego they are like Bonnie and Clyde. I also like her because one minute she wants to beat  Diego and the next minute she wants to love him. It’s the kind of crazy I admire. It’s the kind of crazy she inherited from her mother, the Handler.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 loved this episode because I got to see the beloved character Allison in action against segregation. From this point of view, I felt what being a hero really meant to her and I haven’t seen her in this light before. In season one, I thought of Allison as a lonesome sad woman who just wants to love and be loved without fear. She is fearful of her relationship with Raymond, but she is also genuinely happy. Even though she is married to Raymond, I wonder if she regrets going to Hollywood. I know she will never regret having her daughter, but the idea of her doesn’t seem to be in the back of her mind so far.

     I love that in this reality each character has found a piece of happiness days away from the end of the world. It shows that Sir. Hargreeves way of raising them robbed them of true love. He knew what he wanted them to be before they could choose who they wanted to be. I will give Sir.Hargreeves a chance to redeem himself as a father before I bury him in insults, but the chance is looking slim after he gave Diego that beating.

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