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“Asher to Asher, Dust to Dust”

 Recap of HTGAWM Episode 6, “Two Birds, One Millstone”


Gentle reader, this is my confession: one of the most interesting characters within the HTGAWM universe is Asher Millstone. Matt McGorry’s portrayal is at times awkwardly endearing and endearingly awkward. Asher has evolved from season 1 buffoonery and shenanigans to an incredibly sensitive young man, filled with personal development. This hasn’t come without costs and losses though. Asher has been backed into a corner by the DA’s office and we viewers find out why: a sexual assault against a woman named Tiffany in his past. With the sexual violence Bonnie experienced as a child, the jig is sky high. The reunion between these two star-crossed lovers (ship name Basher? Ashonnie?) may have been very short-lived.

In the ever fascinating legal world of Annalise, we see just how cool she can be in a stressful situation. Receiving a call from her colleague Jill-who has killed her husband-we see how calculating and intelligent she can be. We learn that Jill (well-respected professor, committee leader, community well-known, etc) is transgender and was chronically abused in her marriage. Annalise directs Jill in an attorney capacity to catalog her defensive wounds, signs of a struggle and then call the police. The ensuing investigation by the detectives shows the disconnect Jill’s friends (including Annalise) had regarding her abusive marriage. Appearances are everything and Jill and dead husband Steven played their part. Standout scene between two widows with no qualms about being happy their spouses were six feet under at the police station. The looks of relief they have on their faces is both chilling and appropriate.

The relationship exploration this show gives us is a thing of beauty. From Nate’s barely simmering rage toward Annalise after she brings him two cobblers after Nia’s death, to Annalise’s manipulation of Wes’s feelings regarding Rebecca, to Asher realizing Annalise broke her word and gave the DA ammunition to prosecute his judge father. The writers dig deep, they get ugly and they serve it to us on a silver platter.

The old funeral saying is “ashes to ashes dust to dust” but I have a feeling in the weeks to come, the only dust we’ll see is the remnants of Asher’s pride.


Favorite Lines:

“I don’t hate you. I don’t care about you.” Nate to Annalise

“You all are garbage!” Annalise to interns



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