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Harry Dresden Friends and Family~ Mouse

Today we are going to talk about Mouse. Mouse has a very special place in my heart. He is a good friend and a loving and fierce guardian. Mouse is Harry’s dog. Well, he was Harry’s dog until Maggie needed him.

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Harry Dresden Friends and Family~ Michael Carpenter

Michael Carpenter is, in a word, awesome. He is a retired Knight of the Cross, a man of faith and family, a carpenter, and Harry’s friend and confidant.

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Harry Dresden Friends And Family~ Molly Carpenter

Molly, born Margaret Katherine Amanda Carpenter, is Harry’s Grasshopper. She is the daughter of Michael (one of Harry’s best friends) and Charity Carpenter. Today she is the Winter Lady and Harry’s boss.

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Harry Dresden Friends And Family ~ Ebenezar McCoy

Ebenezar McCoy is a human wizard that is over three hundred years young. McCoy is a short and stocky guy that mostly bald. He has tufts of white hair that match his white beard. He is a member of the White Council and even holds a position on the Senior Council within the White Council.

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Harry Dresden And His Enchanted Tools

When you see witches on TV or in movies, you see them with items that help them cast spells. You see wands, athames (ritual knives), chalices, and various other objects. They are used to focus and harness that witch’s power. Yes, it really works that way. In the Dresdenverse, wizards use tools like these in the same manner.

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