It’s summer, and the kids are home, and they need something to do. Or maybe you are kid-free but need some inspiration for fun when it is just too hot to be outside. If you are a crafter, you might have everything already, but if you don’t, you can get loads of craft supplies from the dollar store. You could even use Oriental Trading Company. Both companies also sell all-in-one craft kits if you have little ones. These are all a ton of fun and are very customizable. So let’s get into it.

Collages are an easy way to make art for any room. I love seeing collages. They say so much about the maker. Pick a theme, any theme, and go crazy. For example, a Tinker Bell collage with splashes of green and gold and dried flowers would be pretty. A Merry Gentry one has many possibilities because many symbols and words could be used. Pages from her books would be a sweet addition to the collage. Ok, now I want to do a Merry Gentry one. Your poster board or even a canvas, Modge Podge (which can be made with school glue and water), pictures, comics, VHS tapes, whatever you can associate with your theme is open game and arrange the images and media, so you like it. Once it dries, you can write quotes on it and cover it with a layer of clear spray paint when done. Ta-Da!

For those of us who wish Mushu, Toothless, or even Daenerys’s dragons to be real, you can make your own dragon eggs. All you need flat tacks, egg-shaped foam pieces, and nail polish. First, paint the tacks and wait for them to dry. Then layer them into the foam. You could make them Hogwarts Houses colors, Tardis blue, or give your favorite Disney princess her own dragon. They come out beautifully.


This one is more my daughter or sister-in-law’s crafting gig but make a Pokeball beanie. In many cultures, the summer is the time to prep for the coming winter. Why not do so by making nerdy beanies. You could watch some summer movies and knit for relaxation.

Felt superhero masks would be fun for kids to make. They could be their favorite superhero, an owl, or maybe even an orc. There are so many options, and felt is fairly cheap. This one is great for kids, but teens and adults can have fun with it too. Of course, you could always get a start on a Halloween mask.

Many people find that summer is the perfect time for a fizzy, fruity drink. So why not make a summer signature fandom drink? So many inspirations, both fandom-wise and ingredients. Dr. Who, Letterkenny, Kim Possible (I know you are out there), Scooby-Doo, you name it. For convenience, I even have some ideas, which can be found here. I just made my own punch with lemonade, pineapple juice, and fruits. It was so yummy.

Source Flickr

To combine the indoors and outdoors, take a nature walk in the cooler part of the day and pick up branches or sticks from trees and bushes to make wizard wands or staves. Peel the bark off and start crafting. Carve words in English (or whatever language you choose) for power. Look up the meaning of runes and use them. You could even use Tolkien’s languages or use D&D. Add stones, paint, glitter, glue, metal, charms, or whatever your heart desires. Make it as simple or gaudy (It isn’t a bad thing) as you want. Upgrade Harry Dresden’s hockey stick staff, make your own wizard wand for Hogwarts and be the main witch in your own story. Have fun.

Source TV Tropes

These are all things my family has done for activities before and still do. I need to get felt for some masks. I think my younger daughter and sister-in-law and I could have fun this summer with this. We have no problem making them and then wearing them in public. Plus, my sister-in-law goes to festivals, and she might find these fun for that. Do any of these sound good to you? Let me know which one(s) you are going to try in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle.