Parties are on the rise as the holidays start rolling in once again. Where has the year gone? Right now, it is costume party season. What or who are you going as? Just a thought, go as Harry Dresden. He is my favorite wizard. Even cooler than Harry Potter, in my humble opinion. He is a powerful wizard who is a lover and a fighter. You can also make this a group costume. Harry has lots of friends.

Harry loves his friends and family fiercely and will go to Hades and back to protect those he cherishes. I have articles for Harry on here. I talk about the courts and his friends and family. I recommend the books too. They are written by Jim Butcher, who also writes the Codex Alera and Cinder Spires series.

Harry is a powerful wizard who has become a warden in the White Counsel, Warden of Demonreach, and the Winter Court’s White Knight and is engaged to the White Court Vampire’s heir to the throne. He has fought demons, fae, and Gods and has taken out an entire court of vampires. I told you he would go to Hades and back. Yet he has a kind heart. He is always a gentleman, even when it rubs women the wrong way. He doesn’t go easy on himself, but he will take care of his daughter and those weaker than him.

Harry’s look is pretty easy. The details are what is essential. Harry wears black jeans, a shirt, and boots. He has a black duster that is enchanted and a wide-brimmed hat. He made himself a shield bracelet. Not only is it made from mini shields, but it is also enchanted to work as a shield. Harry wears rings set up to retain a little kinetic energy every time they move. Earlier in the series, his staff was a beat-up wooden hockey stick. In recent books, he has an actual staff that has carved sigils and runes into his staff. It usually blasts fire if you want to incorporate that. Finally, Harry has a beat-up pentacle that was a gift from his mother before she died. It usually works as a magic light.

I told you he was pretty simple. If you don’t have the clothes at home, you can probably find them at a thrift shop or on Amazon. You can make the bracelet from stuff found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Oriental Trading Company.

Let me know in the comments below if you are going as Harry. Do you have others that want in on that? There is also Murphy, Maeve, Butters, Molly, Michael, and more. There is even Maggie, Harry’s daughter. So until next time, have fun storming the castle!