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It’s that time again. We get to know the characters of the Dresdenverse. Next in line is Toot-Toot. He is often called just Toot. Toot-Toot is of the Wee Folk. He started out as a wyldfae, belonging to neither the Summer nor Winter Court. In Storm Front, he is six inches tall. When I met him in Storm Front, I didn’t give him a whole lot of thought. As the series progressed I loved seeing Toot-Toot. He is very loyal and has risen up the ranks. He is quite the character.

Well, I guess he hasn’t really risen up the ranks. Rather, he made his own army and his own rank. He is the Major General in the Za-Lord’s Guard. Za-Lord is Harry. Za-Lord is short for Pizza Lord. When Harry needs information, he bribes Toot-Toot with pizza. Eventually, Harry is feeding more than just Toot-Toot as other wee folk joins him. Za-Lord’s Guard is often armed with box cutters and cocktail drink swords with bottle caps for armor.

After forming Za-Lord’s Guard, Toot-Toot puts together Za-Lord’s Militia. They are only called upon sometimes. Harry deemed him Major General Toot-Toot Minimus commanding the Za-Lord’s Elite. Remember how I said Toot-Toot started as a wyldfae? He is beholden to Harry, so since Harry becomes the Winter Knight, Toot-Toot is in the Winter Court. Also, he started out at six inches. Most recently, he is up to thirty inches tall.

Toot-Toot isn’t a major character in the Dresden Files, but he is a lovable and memorable character. What do you think of Toot-Toot? Isn’t he the cutest? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…