The episode starts with AJ visiting Abe, his mentor. Last week Abe told Devon he would tell AJ the truth. Seems Abe shot himself, but gotta point out- gut shots to the stomach is stupid- slow bleed out, and without hitting organs, would not be killing. Also a horrible angle to shoot from. Seems AJ agrees with me. His spleen and part of his heart is injured, and the team heads to the OR. He begins to crash, so they pulled him from surgery, but left the body open. Pretty cool to see. Devon keeps trying to push for Abe to come out of his medical induced coma. AJ rejects the idea, and they go back in, hoping to repair the heart. They do, but as he is recovering, AJ notices his lungs are not responding, and realizes they pushed too fast.

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Sydney and Evan, 2 patients who are mechanical engineers feeling under the weather visit the local free clinic, and both have mono. Nic notices Evan has 88% O2. Means oxygen is not getting into his blood system. Conrad checks him over, and a X-Ray reveals pneumonia, and they move him to ICU. I actually have a good friend who actually passed away from pneumonia. As expected, the illness spread faster than they expected, and Evan’s breathing becomes worse. They decide to ventilate him. Even at max, though, the machine is not providing enough air. Conrad orders ECMO while Nic comforts Sydney. She confesses she loves Evan, and wants to tell him. Sydney is still keeping a visual over Evan while AJ sits with Abe, apologizing. The machine looks pretty cool, as the blood flows in and out, oxygenating the blood. As they keep a vigil over Abe, Devon suggests turning him over, let gravity force oxygen into the lungs. AJ points out he just had his chest opened up, and the incision might reopen and the organa organs would fall out. They get a rotating bed and tons of cushions before strapping him in and rotating him like a roasted chicken.

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It seems both Abe and Evan need the same machine, the ECMO, to live, but Chastain only has one, and transferring them to another hospital is too risky. The choice is on Bell. An older man, 60 years old, possible suicide, but a brilliant doctor who still is healthy otherwise, or a 22 year old man who is still in college, but is smart and with a life in front of him. Bell decides to give ECMO to Evan.

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Marshall Winthrop meets with Gordon Page, trying to buy stock and take over the company. But it seems Conrad actually pushed his dad to approach Gordon. Marshall figured out another Investor, Howard Loomis, was looking at QuoVadis, and takes a gamble, hoping to meet with the man before Page. The man is confused, but Marshall explains sometimes you need to do what is right. He meets with Conrad later, and wants to talk with Page again, now that the investor backed out. He wants to bluff, say Abe confessed, but will be wired and the FBI will be around the corner. Conrad is apprehensive, of course. Marshall does go back and visits Gordon again. Marshall plays the Abe card, but Gordon doesn’t believe him, at first. He wants Marshall to call Conrad, ask certain details only Abe would know to collaborate Mashall’s story. While this is going on, they begin to ween him from the coma. As Abe wakes up, he writes Sever on a a notepad.
 Marshall calls his son. The second he is on speaker, Conrad says ‘Sever’. Gordon instantly panics, shouting and arguing with both Marshall in the room and Conrad over the phone. He admits he had no choice but to kill Abe. And then notices Marshall changed watches. He hangs up the phone, and has his men search Marshall. Of course they find the wire, and asks who is listening. Admitting it is the FBI, Gordon decides to take Marshall with him, but the FBI are really close by. Gordon runs, and begins a high speed chase. Back at QuoVadis HQ, Conrad shows up, looking for his dad. Luckily, he is only a little injured. High speed chase time. Trying to avoid a roadblock, Gordon loses control, and flips his car. Which then explodes. And episode ends.
I’ll be honest here. I felt like this episode was predictable, rushed, and tried to have too many things sorted out too quickly. The series still has 4 episodes left, but felt like they concluded a majority of the main plot in a rush. I really didn’t enjoy this episode. Maybe I am just expecting too much, but I digress. Until next time, Stay Shiny!