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Review of The Resident, Episode 15 Season 2

"Calling in a favor for a friend, Mina brings in Josephine Okeke, and bringing up secrets from Mina's past she rather keep buried. Henry returns, sporting some concerning bruises. Are his seizures back? Find out this week!"

Hello, and welcome back to FOX’s The Resident. Only a few more episodes left until the season is over, but I am sure they will leave us with a complete, concise ending like last season! But let us dive right in, and get into the story!

Nic and Mina talk about love, bringing up how Micah purposed to Mina, but she is uncertain. Nic makes a comment about Conrad asking to move in together and caused her to freak out a bit. Sadly, before they can dive further into the conversation, two important cases draw both of the women away. 

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Triple Negative Breast cancer. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Adaku, a friend of Mina’s, has the type of cancer. Her best route would be a double mastectomy, but Adaku refuses to be ‘maimed’. I mean it could be a culture thing but I rather be flat chested and live, maybe get a cosmetic addition later, but to choose a riskier option confuses me. Nina promises to bring on a special doctor who is quite skilled at this type of Cancer. It turns out Josephine  Okeke, the special doctor is well known for the surgery, is also Mina’s mother. Josephine talks with Adaku, and finds out she wants to have a daughter, and breast feed her. Joey explains if she doesn’t get the double mastectomy, she is risking the future time with her own child, the way Adaku’s mother left early. Later, Mina, her mother, Dr. Bell and Dr. Austin all go out to dinner. Mina and her mother get into it a bit at the dinner, Josephine bringing up a dark spot in their past, but Mina leaves, only to wait in her mother’s car to talk. Mina’s sisters died in a fire when she was younger, as she told Dr. Austin. It seems her mother thinks Mina blames her for not arriving in time to save her other daughters. Personally think she is projecting her own emotions in Mina. They both scrub in to treat Adaku. Dr. Bell and Austin watch as Josephine begin the surgery, cutting with such dexterity the patient doesn’t even bleed. But then she calls for suction and slaps Mina’s hand claiming she didn’t do it right, and when Jessica presents a scalpel too early, and slaps it away. Mina is there when Adaku wakes up, and even though she claims to be less of a woman without her breasts, Mina points out she is now a warrior, with the scars to prove it. Aj later finds Mina in the OR room, and admits he was adopted. Mina breaks down, stating how her mother isn’t really a mother. AJ points out she left and made a new family here at Chastain, where she will always be appreciated.

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Gordon Page of QuoVadis is doing a special program on Henry and the new VNS program. Zoey is now dating a guy named Doug, and Nic noticed a bruise on Henry during a routine check up. Henry claims he just tripped, but red flags are raised in the Residents’ minds. Nic notices a bruise on Henry’s forehead, and is worried he had another seizure, but didn’t tell anyone. Henry admits he started having them a week ago, but doesn’t want to worry his mother. Gordon calls Dr. Bell, wanting him to get Henry out of the hospital since he is airing the program the next day. Even though he is not having seizures, no one is sure why Henry keeps collapsing. As he is being discharged Henry suddenly collapses. Conrad is first on the scene and notes Henry’s heart stopped. Dr. Bell is there and begins to realize something is going on. As they hook Henry up to the machines, his heart stops again. Conrad realizes the VNS is overstimulating Henry’s brain and every 3 minutes sends a pulse to stop or start his heart. Conrad makes a mad dash to find a wand that will stop the machine but has to leave Dr. Bell and Nic to maintain heart compressions and breathing. Conrad ends up breaking into an office to get the wand needed. But Dr. Bell is clearly shaken from the events with Henry.

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Devon and Irving have a patient with abdominal pain. Devon notices on his charts, the patient had his appendix removed 5 years ago. Even mentions it to the patient. Later, the pain spikes up, causing Irving to think ruptured appendix. Devon thinks kidney stones because of the surgery. A scan reveals the appendix was never removed, and it did rupture. The surgeon tears into Devon because his reluctance to check for appendicitis raised the chances of Septic setting in. Calling the contact, Devon notices the patient’s phone rings. It seems the patient had rheumatoid arthritis and his condition was caused from a lack of steroids. Irving asks how come his medical records didn’t mention the arthritis. Turns out the patient, Milo, was actually a twin brother, Brent, who stole Milo’s insurance card for treatment.

Personally I like Dr. Bell. He is a bit of a sleaze bag at times, but I think he actually has the heart of a doctor, and really cares for patients. When it comes down to the end, he does what he thinks is best for the hospital. Most of his decisions do come with some award towards him, but he doesn’t accept them blindly most of the time, and when pushed in a corner he has done the best for the hospital, not himself. Until next week, Stay Shiny!

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