Hello, and welcome back to our weekly review of The Resident! This episode really is gearing up for a great Season Finale!! I cannot wait. Let’s go ahead and get into the episode, shall we? Dr. Bell calls a Board meeting, bringing up the VNS malfunction and explains what happened. Marshall Winthrop, who we haven’t seen in like 3 months, mentions another defective piece of equipment, the Heart Valve inside of Bradley. Dr. Bell agrees and has halted all use of QuoVadis devices at Chastain. Most of the council is reluctant, bringing up the money they can make once the stocks go public. Mention how Bell himself brought Gordon to the attention of Chastain. And Bell slams them with the most character defining line! “Yes I did. And a child nearly died. I cannot live knowing we’d allow that to happen again.” I TOLD YOU HE ACTUALLY HAD A HEART. Sadly, even with that amazing line and Marshall pushing, the board still stuck with QuoVadis. Zoey plans to go public with her story about her son.

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Dr. Bell is back in surgery, and comes across a janitor named Simon he seems to know. He notices the hands of Simon are swollen, and wants to run tests. Turns out he has a myxoma, which has been growing for months. It is still operable, but is the reason for edema. Conrad thinks there might be a coexisting condition, they should do more tests. Turns out Bell used to fight against the system, begging doctors from smoking in the hospitals. Conrad was thrown off with the story. The patient begins to get worse, and they realize he either risks dying on the table, or 1, maybe 2 months at most to get his affairs in order. He decides to try the surgery. Simon eeps falling into V-fib. Conrad finds Bell sitting in the OR, and tries to comfort him by explaining the heart was just too weak. After Conrad leaves, Dr. Bell cleans up Simon’s blood himself.
Conrad talks with Zoey about moving Henry to Duke University. He mentions they are the leading hospital studying epilepsy, but most of the treatments are experimental. Gordon finds out what Zoey is trying to do, and notices Bell is ignoring the phone calls. He decides to dig into her background. 10 minutes before an interview with local news channels, Zoey goes and visits Henry to find Gordon Page in the room. He corners her as she walks to the interview, and promises to pay any medical expense he might have… ever. Conrad finds her after the deal, and begs her to not consider the deal. But it is too late. She signed the deal.

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QuoVadis is actually doing 20 surgeries today, and are installing the VNS in 20 ex military personnel with PTSD, and livestreaming the surgeries. Mina and Devon decide to approach the public with documents about patients who have died because of QuoVadis devices, but are careful to redact anything that might hint who the patients were. Still, the military leaders they spoke with ignore their findings. But. Mina spots AJ’s mentor, Abe, and tries to make him see reason. Devon realizes he knows more, and pulls him aside. He promises to reveal the truth, but only to AJ, who is in surgery. Marshall approaches the general Devon just left and mentions how Chastain is pulling from QuoVadis. It seems he found someone willing to share how QuoVadis is being shipped from China and repackaged, which the Military refuses to use out of country products. They stop the surgeries and leave.
A patient from Dr. Shaw’s past comes into Chastain’s free clinic. Her name is Marylin, and she has hall stones, but her Gallbladder isn’t reacting like it should. He feels like her condition worsening is his fault because he stopped travelling around and helping the less fortunate. Nic talks him into turning his old mobile center into a temporary residency for the patient, while they wait for her surgery date. Her conditions worsen as a gall stone causes an infection, and she is shipped to Chastain for emergency surgery. Luckily, Marylin’s surgery went well. It turns out she purposefully ate what was not recommended to become worse enough for emergency surgery. Shaw admits he has feelings for Nic, who just sidesteps the conversation. Not good. Just tell him you have a boyfriend. Leads to problems when you aren’t forward with a guy.

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At the end, we see Conrad thanking his father, who was the one to encourage the Military to pull the program. He briefly mentions the only way for QuoVadis to stay afloat would be if an angel investor came in. I felt a red flag shoot up. Sure enough, he calls Gordon, and the episode ends with ‘We should talk.” Oh I knew we couldn’t trust Conrad’s dad. He is such a snake in the grass. But that does make me excited for the end of Season 2. I mean, I hope Conrad finds out about what his father is doing. But I also hope they wrap up the main story lines like they did last season. Either way, time is short. Until next time, stay shiny!