If there is one hero that seems to be spoiled and admired, it’s Batman. Every which way a story could be told nowadays, Batman has been a part of it. Each generation has its own Batman due to the number of movies he’s starred in. His animated shows still hold the crown for the best superhero cartoons. And when a solo superhero game is released, they must clear the bar that the Arkham series set. But…but there is one domain that seems to slip Batman at every opportunity—a live-action Batman series. Green Arrow has received this treatment. Moon Knight has gotten it. The Flash has. Superman has had three of them! Yet Batman is sitting by himself, waiting for the opportunity. Of all the characters to get this treatment, the Dark Knight is poised to be the perfect choice.

His storylines throughout his nearly century-long existence stand above the rest as being the most iconic, which could serve as the basis for an entire season. Movies have done this but have used portions of storylines and cut off some other material. But for seasons that may have six to ten episodes, there’s enough room to concentrate on the plotline that made those stories great, enough room to add in new material that is in rhythm with the original story but is limited enough not to stray too far. A common case in comic books is when there is a huge event. There are often spinoffs. I.E., The Flashpoint Paradox story, which starred the Flash, had a spinoff, so to speak, where that timeline’s Batman had his own storyline. This is something that this theoretical Batman series could rely on.

Source: Batman on Warner Bros. YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

The series could start with Batman: Year One. This storyline has been used in other live-action outings, particularly with Batman Begins and The Batman. Yet there are still aspects that could still be used. In those movies, Batman became Batman quickly or was already Batman when the film started due to time constraints films have. In a series, it could be more of a slow burn, much like how the first season of Daredevil unfolded. It’s common knowledge among the Batman community he has traveled the world to train with different masters to gain the abilities he has. A series could offer the time to explore. Plus, fans could watch the famous scenes where Batman crashes the dinner party and the training scene where he’s kicking down trees outside the Manor.

Source: Batman, Commissioner Gordon and Calendar Man on Warner Bros. Entertainment YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

Another storyline that could be used as a basis is The Long Halloween. Yet again, another story that has had just a small fraction of its core used for a story; the fall of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. And although it was made into two animated movies, a series could give room for more exploration and anticipation. A murder case that goes from week to week gives space for the villains to shine in each episode. It could add more importance to the ‘villain of the week’ formula since these villains add to the large overarching story. Plus, since each murder in the graphic novel was thematic according to the nearest holiday, each episode of the season could have a different flare. It could give writers more creative routes and give audiences another thing to anticipate. Similar to how Wandavision changed its flare week by week.

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Speaking of villains, one of the best Batman storylines that emphasizes them is Batman: Hush. This season could borrow some elements from The Long Halloween. A villain that could be adding to the story instead of steering away from it could shine bright. And since each villain is much different from one other, this season could see Batman using every aspect that makes him up. One episode could highlight his fighting skills. Another is his detective skills. One where he must be Bruce Wayne, not Batman. One that requires him to be gentle instead of aggressive. So on and so forth. All that while setting up the mysteriousness of who is Hush this iteration.

Source: Batman and The Joker on D.C. YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

The Killing Joke could be a bold story to tackle. This whole season could be a Batman vs Joker war. Comic books and games have explored the intense, bitter rivalry between knight and clown. Yet, when this rivalry steps into live action, it has moments but always makes room for something else to be explored. By putting it in a series setting, the audience can settle in comfortably to witness the beginning of The Joker, the start of the relationship between Joker and Batman, see how much they matter to each other, and look at Batman from a villain’s POV for a duration of time.

Source: Batman and Robin on D.C. YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

One more story; The Death in the Family. The infamous story that killed off Jason Todd for a period. If adapted, the story could do something many live-action stories have not done, have all the Robins in the story. This story could emphasize the Bat Family, from Batman himself to Dick Grayson to Jason Todd. The audience could spend time with everyone and get to know them, including Todd, so when that moment happens, it’s more impactful. This could lead to a season that could adapt the Under the Red Hood storyline. The season could show this back-and-forth battle between Batman and Red Hood, particularly how Batman saves his enemies from Red Hood’s wrath, which angers Todd that much more. Then, perhaps, Red Hood changes his methods from going after Batman’s enemies to his allies. Elements that could change it up a bit but keep it familiar.

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The Court of Owls is overdue to clash with Batman properly. With such a long history within the universe, the Court of Owls could use a series to explore their long existence. This is a group that hates both Bruce Wayne and Batman. They send their top assassins to get them. It’ll make for versatile storytelling and viewing to witness how Bruce Wayne could escape without Batman and how Batman could fight when his back is against the wall. This story, after all, tested Batman in all ways that he perfected; mental, physical, intellectual, and symbolic. Plus, in the books, there might be a personal link between Bruce Wayne and the Court. An abundance of perfect elements that could make a season great!

Those are just a few stories that could be adapted, but nowhere close to being all. Knightfall, The Three Jokers, War of Jokes and Riddles, Death of the Family, and No Man’s Land are all perfect as well. Live action tends to depart just a bit from the source material, only using portions. But this route could marry both very well. And capitalize on Batman’s rich and glorified history! Batman has supporting characters, mythos, and stories that are ripe for something this expansive. Some of them have not been told fully, accurately, or not all. A live-action series could honor these great stories by putting them in a new light and advancing their connection to fans. Batman is a large character. A live-action series could help show that off even more.