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Episode Description:

It’s the year 2040 in Star City and Mia Queen (Katherine McNamara) has everything she could have ever wanted. However, when Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) suddenly show up in her life again, things take a shocking turn and her perfect world is upended. Laurel and Dinah are tracking a kidnapping victim with direct ties to Mia and they need her help. Knowing it will change everything, Mia can’t help but be a hero and she, Laurel and Dinah suit up once again to save the city. – the CW

This episode serves as a backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries.

The year is 2040, twenty years after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths and the death of Oliver Queen. This future is much different from the one we were previously acquainted with. Since Oliver’s demise, Star City’s crime problem diminished partly due to Mayor Rene Ramirez. Mia and William have known each other their whole life and remember nothing of past events. Mia is engaged to J.J., Diggle’s son the one who was head of the Deathstrokes. Zoey is still alive and Connor has just been released from rehab. Everything is normal, kinda? I’m not going to lie I’m a little rattled Connor’s been done dirty like this.

2040 is disrupted when—I presume it was the Legends— drop Laurel Lance off. Helena Bertinelli’s daughter, Bianca is going to go missing and if she is not saved it’ll lead to a chain reaction of cataclysmic events in Star City. Laurel first enlists the help of Dinah, who has been erased from history. She now lives a life of anonymity as a bar owner.

Next up, the recruit Mia by crashing her college graduation party. Laurel restores her memories with martian technology created by Cisco Ramon of STAR Laboratories. The begrudgingly convince Mia to help them recover Bianca, though Mia has doubts she has actually been kidnapped.

With her memory returned she has second thoughts about J.J. even more so when they attempt to rescue Bianca and are attacked by a man in a Deathstroke mask. This leads to them infiltrating J.J.’s work to spy but instead, Mia ruins their surprise honeymoon plans. This ordeal gives Mia qualms about taking up the Green Arrow mantle.

A recent post of Bianca yoga-ing in on the beach is released but Dinah deduces it was altered and reveals that it is actually a picture of Bianca tied up. Dinah is able to track the location of where the post originated. After a pep talk from Laurel Mia agrees to take up the mantle and help rescue Bianca.

They rescue Bianca fight a bunch of dudes and learn it is Bianca’s ex-boyfriend Trevor, who has a Deathstroke mask. They chase him down and learn that he is working for someone else. A shot also lingers on a tattoo on his wrist. Immediately afterward, Trevor sets off the gas line and escapes in a fiery blaze.


Photo Source: Arrow/the CW

Afterward, Dinah decides not to return to her life of anonymity and instead establishes the Canary Network with Laurel. Laurel tells Dinah the true reason why she came the future and reveals a newspaper with the headline “you have failed this city” or something like that with Mia’s picture next to it.

Meanwhile, at Oliver’s memorial, Mia and William remember their father. William even brought the “family’s” arrowhead. Mia looks at the arrowhead and it turns out the symbol on the arrowhead is the same as Trevor’s tattoo. They are then tranquilized by masked men. William is taken and they leave Mia behind. At the same time, a hooded figure ambushes J.J. and uses the martian tech on him to restore his memories. As he is needed. That whole ending is giving me flashpoint/Savitar vibes.

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