It feels like it’s been half a lifetime since we saw any new Young Justice footage, but this year’s Young Justice: Outsiders panel at San Diego Comic Con gave us the refreshing heartbreak we needed. Producer Greg Weisman joined the panel and, although he vowed not to reveal any spoilers, he graced us with our first look at Young Justice: Outsiders.

There’s a lot going on in this trailer, but the moment that had everyone on the brink of tears is right at the beginning: Artemis waking up and gazing at a photo of herself and Wally, who “ceased” at the end of the second season. This season is taking on a lot of darker themes, largely in part due to it being available on DC’s new streaming service, DC Universe, instead of Cartoon Network like years past.

Outsiders focuses on an overlaying plot of metahuman trafficking and is set to introduce some new characters such as Forager, Geoforce, Spoiler and Arrowette. But rest assured, the creators confirmed that almost every character from seasons one and two will return as well! And while the Teen Titans team may not exist in the Young Justice universe, we’re told we will see some familiar Titans faces in the new season… Tara Markov did not go unnoticed in that trailer.

It’s also worth noting that Jason Spisak, who voiced Wally West/ Kid Flash in the first two seasons, will be back as the voice of Forager in Outsiders. Is it going to be weird to hear a familiar voice as a different character on the same show? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think!

Young Justice: Outsiders will be available to stream via DC Universe in 2019. You can watch the preview trailer below. Please note that the preview itself begins at 2:55.


Source: Newsarama was kind enough to live stream this panel. A transcript of the event can be found here.