This week on The Flash, fans saw advances in every plotline and every character’s journey. The West family, ever in turmoil, said their goodbyes to a dying Francine. Iris proved to be the emotional core of the episode when she told Francine: “I’m not angry at you anymore for what happened. I just wish you would have come back to us a lot sooner. Because I would have forgiven you then just like I’m forgiving you now.” Iris also convinced a bratty and hurt Wally West to say his final goodbyes to his mother, despite what she hid from him all those years. Presumably, Francine will be no more by next week, and it will be interesting to see how the writers incorporate Wally into the family; more West family drama is on the horizon.

Last week, fans were introduced to Jay’s Speedforce sickness, following up on this, Caitlin searches for his Earth1 doppelganger in hopes of using his tissues to regenerate Jay’s dying ones. After scouring Central City, it turns out that Jay’s twin doesn’t share a name with him; he is Hunter Zolomon (something fans are getting really excited about, Zolomon plays an important role in the comics). As it turns out, Garrick’s cells were mutated when he got his powers, so his twin’s tissues wouldn’t help, anyway.



On the villain front, Harry and Cisco harnessed his ability to Vibe, and used it to determine that the Reverse-Flash is back in town. Or rather, in town for the first time. The Eobard Thawne in this episode has come from the future for the first time to figure out how to ruin Barry’s life. All of Barry’s past; his mother’s death, Harrison Wells, the accelerator explosion, is all part of Thawne’s future. It’s trippy to think about, and gives fans a newfound appreciation for how Tom Cavanaugh played the role PERFECTLY with respect to what we know now.

Finally, Patty, now officially the smartest character on the show, figured out Barry’s secret. After an emotional confrontation wherein Barry denied everything, Patty called him on her way out of Central City, reporting a gun man on a train. Barry impulsively shows up in the red suit, and Patty’s suspicions are confirmed.