Jamie prepares to face British forces in battle. Roger and Brianna question Buck MacKenzie’s intentions in the 20th century; William fights in the First Battle of Saratoga.

Bree & Roger:

These two went through quite a whirlwind throughout this episode. Dealing with time-travelers of all kinds, Roger introduced Buck MacKenzie to Bree, and we learn he traveled through the stones at Craigh na Dun. The only thing was, he didn’t realize he could time travel. Roger nearly had Buck falling off his chair when he revealed that he was Roger’s relative. We also learn that Buck had passed through the stones during the year 1778. I thought Buck was going to be a problem for Bree and Roger. However, I was pleasantly surprised that he fit in with the family pretty well. He had this childlike wonder about everything he was seeing, and it was sweet seeing him watch TV with Jemmy and Mandy. I was surprised that Roger had forgiven Buck for what he did previously in North Carolina. Getting hanged could have ended his life. Taking Buck to her job, Bree witnessed Buck meeting Rob. Buck wasn’t too keen on him, and we are aware that he had a right to be wary of him. Back at home, Buck finds one of Jemmy’s airplanes and asks Roger if he’s ever been on one. Roger says that he has and suggests that Buck might be able to take the plane with him if Jemmy lets him. Immediately after saying that, I thought that was an unwise idea. Can you imagine Buck showing that to people in 1778? That would mess with history, for sure. Buck takes it upon himself to tell Roger about Bree and Rob’s interaction with each other at work, and Roger doesn’t think much about it. The conversation was very different back then. You kept your hands to yourself. We learn Buck was supposed to die in 1778, but we don’t know how. Roger thinks his family may assume he died from not returning through the stones, but there may be consequences when Buck goes back.

Well, we found out that Rob Cameron is a loner that is way too into time travel. He was super cringy throughout this episode, and it all started when he arrived too early to Bree and Roger’s house. He’s eager to read Roger’s hymnals, and I’m sure when Roger left him alone, he began snooping for his journal. Before kicking Rob out of the house, he confesses that he was married at one point and had a kid, but it all went south. He asks if Jemmy would like to sleep over at his nephew’s house sometime, and on that day, the unexpected happens. Roger notices that someone rummaged through Jamie and Claire’s letters, and Mandy reveals that Jemmy is missing. After putting the pieces together, Bree and Roger realize that Rob took Jemmy to the stones. Thankfully, Buck also came along. Looks like we’re going on another adventure to save Jemmy.

Lastly, we find out that Jemmy has become part of the Tufty Club, which teaches children how to be safe. However, it looks like that has already gone out the window. Jemmy wasn’t ready to deal with Rob Cameron. Also, can we talk about Bree and Roger having sex to In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins? I know their storyline takes place in the ’80s, but why this song? I just got flashbacks to a certain show called The Americans. If you’ve watched the first season, the main characters, Phillip and Elizabeth, also have sex to this song in their car. Coincidence or not?


William takes matters into his own hands and shows he’s a true soldier. He gets assigned to be Captain Richardson’s errand boy, which means more letter-carrying, but William wants to fight. The war is in three days, so he marches over to Simon Fraser and requests to stay. Simon grants his wish, and William gets to fight in the first battle at Saratoga. Before heading into battle, William confesses to his friend that he has feelings for Rachel Hunter (no surprise here), but what he did not expect was for his friend to get shot in the head. That was incredibly unsettling, and William didn’t know what to do. This was a first for him, so he shifted into combat mode. Even though I have said that William would have a hard time dealing with death and killing others, I guess this stirred a fire inside him. He showed no mercy to the enemy and killed many men. After winning the first battle, William helped bury his fellow soldiers in a proper manner. We really see him start to take charge.

Jamie & Claire:

As usual, Jamie heads off for battle, but not without spending some time with Claire. We see them banter again when Jamie finds a book for Claire. He jokes with her that she needs spectacles, but Claire says she’s fine. I thought it was cute that Jamie said that when they got back to Scotland, he would get her a pair of tortoiseshell spectacles for every day. He would also get her gold-rimmed spectacles for Sundays. He has to make sure she looks good on Sundays. Claire asks Jamie to return to her after the war, or else she will look for him. Jamie is sent to battle, and afterward, we see that Jamie is passed out on the ground. I wish we had seen what had happened because now we are left wondering if Jamie is alive. Knowing Jamie, he’s alive, but he may be injured. It made me think back to the Battle of Culloden. Jamie was out for quite some time after fighting Black Jack Randall, and we may be witnessing a repeat.