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Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 203 “AKA Sole Survivor”. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

This Article Contains Spoilers for Jessica Jones Episode 203 and Episodes Prior

“Well my past is killing people now.”

If the show isn’t telegraphing Trish’s transformation into Hellcat down the line, I don’t know what they’re doing. Trish made it clear that she wants to be in the thick of it and not thrown to the side as someone to be protected. Malcolm even mentioned that Jessica doesn’t like sidekicks. It’s going to happen, but I’m less sure that we’ll actually see any Hellcat suit (or persona for that matter). I digress.

After disposing of Simpson’s body off the shores of Jess’ childhood vacation spot (oof), Jess and Trish set off for more information. While the show didn’t stop moving the plot, the pacing slowed down. It became tedious, and the flip-flopping between the Oscar and IGH’s stories was clunky. That’s not to say the developments were uninteresting.

Jessica learned—or believes—that Oscar actually forged passports for the buildings owner, which is what got him the spot despite being an ex-con. What I like about Oscar and his conflict with Jessica is that it’s a storyline that emphasizes Alias Investigations, and also makes superhero prejudice integral to his motivations. It makes it feel that they live in a world of superheroes, a feeling that often doesn’t make an appearance.

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Janet McTeer as a mysterious figure. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

With IGH, we have a new mystery in Dr. Hansen. Due to the teamwork of Jess and Trish, they know that the remains they found belong to her. That means that the super powered person that Jess met and fought with (the first fight sequence of the season!) is not who she claimed to be. Or is she, and Hansen faked her death? Though she did seem awfully defensive when Jessica wasn’t grateful for her survival, possibly alluding to the fact that she had survived her own set of experiments. She seems to think that IGH are the good guys, seeing as they brought Jessica (and presumably others) back from the dead.

Meanwhile on the Griffin front, he might not be the right guy for Trish. Something is up with him, as the moment Trish walked away he did something with a flash drive on her computer. Now the question is, are we to believe that he is doing something bad (which the show clearly wants us to think), or is he simply trying to get information so that he can look into it on his own (something that also fits his previous behavior). I hope it is the former, because that would differentiate his storyline from being too similar to Simpson’s last year. I don’t really want another plot about Trish having an evil boyfriend.

On the Hogarth front, we learned what she is dealing with! I was pleasantly surprised to see her story advance quicker than expected. In an attempt to save the only thing she cares about, Hogarth makes a visit to Alias Investigations. In her plea to Jessica, Hogarth reveals that she was diagnosed with ALS (props to it not being cancer). It’s good that they didn’t draw out that mystery any longer. The speech that Hogarth gave was a fantastic moment for the character, showing us that the name on the firm—and in turn her legacy—is all she has left. Another pleasant surprise? Seeing Foggy show up, one of the few reminders of the other Netflix shows.

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Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Though the pacing and balance of the episode became tedious, the storylines never became uninteresting. We now have a new mystery in Dr. Hansen, and Hogarth’s path of desperation has officially reached Jessica. What we are missing at this point is a proper villain.  We are getting to that point where we need a face/personality to our season’s antagonists.

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Bonus Notes:

  • Jessica’s confession about being suicidal was rough, even more so that she never told Trish.
  • I like how Trish immediately dropped the ammo bag when Jess handed it to her due to the weight, but no attention was drawn to it.
  • Unclogging a toilet is not nearly the same amount of time that Jess would need to break into an apartment. Poor planning JJ.
  • That TMZ move was low.
  • Another powerful Jess moment: She didn’t think she was meant to survive.

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