After a stunning Episode 21 and a two week break Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure comes back…a little lacking.


Image via Crunchyroll

Bruno and his gang have just betrayed the boss and are going through Venice. They stop, both to get food and to further plan out where they will be going. This sees Trish fully coming to terms with what has happened and joining the group as a main member, replacing the just lost Fugo, as opposed to just being a macguffin. It is then we are introduced to our two new villains Squalo and Tiziano. Squalo uses his shark stand Clash, able to appear in any open body of water, to attack Narancia and as well as allowing Tiziano to place his stand, Talking Head, on Narancia’s tongue. The allows Tiziano to make everything Narancia says a lie so they can start luring each member of the gang individually to their death by Squalo’s crash. The episode ends with Giorno semi-figuring out what is going on and right as he does being attacked by Clash.

Part of the problem with the episode is not the productions fault, they are working with one of the weaker fights of the part. Generally they had been able to elevate some of those but this one remains rather bland. A lot of Narancia’s thoughts as he is being forced to lie are also removed which partially just comes with the adaptation. What can be put on David Production though is the complete lack of quality that a lot of the animation here has. Undetailed models abound and some of them get quite ugly to look at. Even the subtitles from Crunchyroll were not free from terrible faults as pictured below.


Image via Crunchyroll

This episode did feature a new opening and a new ending. The ending is far more appropriate for JoJo and the visuals accompanying it are great. The opening though is a little mediocre. The song is fantastic, but far too much of the new opening is just a summary of what has already happened and a repeat of actions seen in the first opening.