I can say I am happy that the flagship show has ended, and they started to branch out. It has expanded the Walking Dead universe, and focusing on smaller groups has allowed them to go to new and exciting locations. Dead City was an excellent series, and New York was great.

We’re The Ones Who Live is first the name of Rick and Michonne’s spin-off. It doesn’t show a lot in the 25 second, flying walkers, Michonne stating she was looking for someone after finding out they were alive. Lastly, the show will air in 2024.

For The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, we got a real treat as on AMC Plus, you are able to watch the first 10 minutes of episode one. I’ll tell you what, I was hooked on those first 10 minutes. Daryl was tied to the bottom of a boat, and I wonder if he was supposed to die. But he washes up on shore. After he frees himself, the boat floats back to sea. He takes some time getting used to his surroundings, and he sees a sign in a foreign language, so we know he isn’t in America anymore.

He does some scavenging, ends up on a boat, and finds a recorder. He listens to it and finds out the person was out to sea for 19 months, going around Spain looking for a safe spot that never was found. He says maybe Marseille is safe on the other side of France. So with the map and some supplies, he sets out for Marseille. He records a message that he is Daryl from Commonwealth in America. He went out looking for something and only found trouble. He is trying to get back home.

He travels a lot, many days and nights, so it could have been over a week for all we know. He ends up in a who-knows-where town. He fights off some walkers, and one grabs him and has some sort of acid, and it burns his arm to the touch. The walkers also went from passed out to up and charging pretty fast. When he killed the walkers, the acid blood could be heard bubbling on the ground. You can tell that Daryl is shaken and realizes that this landscape is going to be a whole new challenge. This show is going to be a monster hit. This series starts September 10th everywhere or September 7th on AMC Plus.