For yet another year our Riverdale fam has graced SDCC, and here’s what we learned about the upcoming third season!

(Picture Source: The CW/Netflix —

New Family

As we have been hoping, the producers confirmed that oft-hinted characters Jellybean and Gladys Jones (Juggie’s mom and little sister) are currently being cast to appear in the final two-thirds of the season! They are also casting for new characters (straight from the pages of Li’l Archie!) supposedly involved in the cult (more below): Edgar and his daughter Evelyn Evernever!

New Enemies

While she’s likely just doing her job, it seems Archie’s got himself a new nemesis this season: American Crime‘s Penelope Ann Miller will be portraying District Attorney Wright. Yikes!

New Mystery

If the new trailer is any indication, this season’s mystery arc will revolve heavily around ‘The Farm’ — the no-longer-just-implied cult that Polly joined last season, and apparently has converted Alice over to.

New Episodes

The producers have confirmed that this season will feature yet-another musical episode, as well as a flashback episode to show the grownups back in their rockin’ ’80s teen years, played by the younger cast that play their respective kids!

New Plots

A Choni jealousy arc? Reggie finding love working at Veronica’s speakeasy? Secret Kevoose hookups? More Bughead crime-solving? Josie and Kevin becoming step-sibling roommates? Sounds like this season is going to be a wild ride.

Guess we’ll have to wait until October 10th to see what else this season has in store! In the meantime, keep an eye on The Game of Nerds for all your updates!