A Space for the Unbound is described as a “slice-of-life adventure game” taking place in late 90s rural Indonesia. It tells a story of a boy and a girl with supernatural powers, overcoming feelings such as anxiety and depression.

The game follows the story of Atma and Raya, two high school sweethearts. Both are approaching the end of their high school career when a mysterious supernatural power is unleashed, threatening their existence. The couple must embark on a journey together to uncover secrets and face the end of the world, with a side of self-discovery along the way.

This endearing story-driven experience is vibrantly brought to life through the pixel world it inhabits. Remnant of the 90s in style, the game promises to take you on an adventure with the protagonists themselves.

Source: A Space for the Unbound | Official Steam Page

Other Features Include:

  • A real throwback to the 90s, allowing you to experience and explore the time period and location.
  • A relaxed feel that allows you to relive other stories through the townsfolk. As well as speaking with them, diving into their minds and reliving their memories.
  • Listen to a relaxing yet beautiful soundtrack as you explore.
  • You can pet every single cat you come across.

A Space for the Unbound will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. It is predicted to be fully released in January 2023, though it does have a demo that is free to download and play right now. Check out the announcement trailer below:

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