Younger – A Novel Marriage

"Younger" Ep. 410 (Airs 8/30, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Everyone is talking about Marriage Vacation, calling it the must-read novel of the summer! I’m not sure what season it is on Younger but it must be close to summer because Charles freaks out, unsure they can really publish by then. Liza reassures him it can be done and they have a meeting with Pauline where Charles is salty that he’s being talked about in such a way – he’s also salty at the bond the two women have formed because he ~loves~ Liza. Peter Hermann has been so depressed lately guys, he really needs a win!

To drum up even more publicity for this book, Kelsey, Liza, Pauline & Lauren head to The Nest; a very exclusive no boys allowed social club. They attend a networking event for non-members but Kelsey is unimpressed by the girly-ness and the lack of actual networking taking place (until she meets a producer from a morning show who reeeaaaaally wants the scoop on the book – I have a feeling she’s coming back to bite us in the ass later.) Liza & Pauline are also networking, with the founder of Pinx Period Panties, who happens to be a character in Pauline’s book, did you know she went to Wharton?! She’s known Pauline (& Charles) from way back and decides to throw her a book party.

"Younger" Ep. 410 (Airs 8/30, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Pauline drags Liza to this party which ends up putting her alias in jeopardy & might have ruined her chance with Charles. Damn Liza and her morals and her ambition! She talks to Charles on the balcony while he stress-smokes. She knows that he invited Pauline to move back into the townhouse and that he was going to take her off the book! Charles is all dammit why did she tell  you and Liza basically is like don’t fuck with my career and also I don’t want to fuck with a family.When she leaves the party with Jay in a hurry, Charles is staring and basically drooling. #TeamCharles, how did you do it all this time with the back and forth?! It’s exhausting.

Up until now, work Liza and IRL Liza ran in different circles but at this party, she runs into Bob & his wife. REMEMBER BOB?! CHARLES’ FRIEND WHO IS ALSO CAITLYN’S ROOMMATES DAD?! REMEMBER LAST WEEK I TOLD YOU HE’D BE IMPORTANT! WELL TADAAAA! They’re shocked to see Liza here and are loudly talking about her daughter and asking her who she’s there with and about to blow her entire cover when Jay swoops in and saves the day. That man is a saint and doesn’t deserve to be playing second-fiddle to Charles (for now anyway – he might still be shady). He covers, says they’re here together, and helps her escape the party as a 27 year old. She takes Jay to dinner to thank him and they share a parting kiss on her stoop, every girls dream.

"Younger" Ep. 410 (Airs 8/30, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

In other news, Maggie is trying to get her naked picture off of Google Earth, but after repeatedly being ignored, she decides to blow it up and turn it into a painting instead…#Queen. Josh’s girlfriend’s internship ends in a week and she can’t stay in the country without a work permit. Diana just wants Richard’s dumb kid out of her house but he keeps not listening to her and going down on her instead, which isn’t a terrible compromise when you think about it.

Younger airs Wednesdays on TVLand


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