Written by Bay Mehl

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty over the moon when the internet sensation Bee and Puppycat came out on Netflix. I saw the first six episodes on YouTube years ago, and I knew other episodes had come out but never had the chance to watch them.

Because I have only watched the episodes available on Netflix, and I know that probably some things have been lost in translation when transferring over to this streaming service, everything I saw here only pertains to what can be seen on Netflix or during the first six episodes on YouTube.

Pretty much everyone in Bee and Puppycat are failures in some way. Bee gets fired from every job she has (even has to do retraining at her space temp job), Puppycat is a failed space outlaw, Deckard is a failed chef/baker, Toast and Cass are failed boxers, Crispin is a failed artist (I’m sorry, but clowns are creepy, he needs to stop with that ish), Merlin is a failed doctor, Wesley goes on a failed date with a fish (to be fair he didn’t know he was on one) and fails to work effectively at his family café, Howell is a failed cat café owner, and on and on and on.

To put the cherry on top of all the failure, everyone is failing Cardamon who is a seven-year-old landlord whose mother is unconscious! Someone take him in, please!

Everyone is struggling with who they are and where their life has taken them, and sometimes their life sucks. For example, Cass, while now a successful coder, hates her job and really just wants to go back to boxing. Her nemesis constantly breaks into her house and is now pregnant with her brother’s baby, and all of her other brothers have their own issues, and she seems to be the only one carrying the family.

Bee and Puppycat on a hill. Copyright Netflix. Original characters by Natasha Allegri.

However, Bee seems to be the only one to notice the beauty that is around them. That doesn’t mean she is full of false positivity or undermines her friend’s woes, but she does her best to assist them in realizing the wonder that is around them. She brings Deckard to a donut planet to help him feel better about his baking failures, is constantly helping Puppycat find joy in his new life (like introducing him to Pretty Patrick), and helps Cardamom find new uses for the tears his mother produces. Everyone faces failure, and it sucks. Sometimes whatever happened may really screw with your life plans, or you may realize that you will never reach your dream. Take that time to mourn with people who love you, and perhaps you will be able to see the sunshine again soon.