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Source: Netflix // Toys That Made Us

San Diego Comic-Con presented its panel for The Toys That Made Us on 1 PM this past Thursday, July 19, 2018. The panel featured director Brian Volk-Weiss and the team: executive producer Robin Henry, writer and editor Ben Frost, and producer Rich Mayerik. SDCC’s official page promised “a Q&A on what brought The Toys That Made Us to life, what the future holds, and maybe even a surprise or two along the way.”

The Toys That Made Us was created from Volk-Weiss’s hobby of collecting toys, which he considers a passion. One day he approached Netflix with the vision of a historical documentary about toys. Netflix continuously rejected this premise, jokingly calling it “Brian’s Toy Show”. Eventually, they told Volk-Weiss that his idea needed to be produced in a way that would reach out to a wide audience. Volk-Weiss spiced his genre choice with a sprinkle of humor, combining his documentary experience with a keen sense of wit that produced a two-season hit. Now Volk-Weiss is the director of The Toys That Made Us, a show tracking the histories of iconic toy lines.

Hall 5AB gained a rousing audience from creators and fans, whose love for collecting toys fueled their long-awaited show. Guests got to see the team’s pitch video, which included clips from the first two episodes and interviews that had not been put on air. The following Q&A centered on the show’s production. As the big finish, the team revealed what subjects are coming up next. What a gift! Season 3 will tackle some of the biggest booms of the toy world. If you’re a nerd for the Power Rangers, Wrestling, or My Little Pony, you’re in luck. The Toys That Made Us will pay those lines homage. They even revealed their plan to cover what fans have been asking for from the beginning: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It’s a strong future for this colorful show, whose Netflix trailer alone displays plenty of humor, collaboration, and love for the toys starring within. Viewers finally get to share their passion with collectors all around the world for the figures that stood proudly for them in their childhoods and beyond. Here’s to the success of The Toys That Made Us panel, and to another in the future!