Source: The Dark Pictures | The Official Website

The Devil In Me follows a group of documentary film makers. They receive a mysterious phone call inviting them to witness a modern replica of H.H Holmes’ murder hotel. Not wishing to pass up on a too-good-to-be-true opportunity, they take the invitation for the sake of fame and fortune. However, when they enter the murder castle, the crew soon realizes that they have been lured into traps worst than they could have ever imagined.

Following similar patterns to games such as The Quarry, players take control of a diverse cast of characters. Their fates are completely within your hands, and your choices will shape whether they live or die, complete with decisions and quick time events. The crew consists of:

  • Mark Nestor, the cameraman with a laidback attitude – but maybe a little too laidback.
  • Kate Wilder, the show’s presenter who thinks rationally but doesn’t always consider others.
  • Charlie Lonnit, the director with poor people skills.
  • Jamie Tiergan, the lighting technician who is practical and generous with her opinions.
  • Erin Keenan, the intern who is still adjusting to the new work environment.
Source: The Dark Pictures | The Official Website

However as with all of these games, it isn’t as simple as playing these characters. All of them have deeper connections with one another which may change the way they act, and the way they think of one another. Players will have to negotiate these complex character connections while also trying to survive.

Similar as well is the option of the multiplayer feature. This is split into two separate ways: one being online play with a friend, and the other being an offline mode being known as “pass-the-pad”. This encourages control to be passed between the hands of all other players so each gets a turn making choices.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me is available for pre-order for Xbox, Playstation and PC. If interested, then check out the story trailer below.

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