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Episode Synopsis:

Red and the others consider their options; Gloria struggles with guilt as she moves forward with her plan; Lorna takes control of the pharmacy.


Negotiations cont.

We got a sneak peek into what Taystee and Figueroa were discussing this time, and it was about health care. It was pretty concerning to hear that even if an inmate is sick, not a lot of action is taken to help them, and as a result, their health might worsen. And even Figueroa didn’t seem to care. But thank god she caved in and said she would try to fix the inmates health care the best she could. Also, Taystee was kind of getting on my nerves in this episode, because when Cindy came to see her about Suzanne, she thought it was a waste of time for Cindy to be interrupting her. These are your friends, Taystee, sometimes you have to help them out. I think at this point, Taystee is on a power trip and can’t be bothered with anything else.


This was a very Gloria-centric episode and it was like a rollercoaster. Some moments, I was super happy for her and then the next, I would feel so bad for her. I was cheering her on in the beginning, because her plan was working, when she was taking the guards to the poo. But of course her emotions got to her and she ended up blurting out her whole plan to Maria. I really thought Maria was being a good friend and also cheering Gloria on, but we all saw that she went behind her back. So evil. And to make matters worse, when Gloria did try to escape, those new Latina girls, dragged her back to Litchfield. That was devastating to see. I thought it was nice that we got insight into what Gloria’s family was going through at the hospital, and that they really did miss Gloria. They didn’t seem dysfunctional at all, and that made me more excited for Gloria to meet up with them and spend time caring for her son. I just hope we find out down the road, if her son made it or not.

Suzanne & Cindy

I really don’t know what to think about this storyline. It seemed a little repetitive to me because we always see Suzanne in distress and having trouble managing her mental illness, but I guess it was interesting to see how Cindy handled the situation, since Taystee was too busy. It all went downhill, when Suzanne found out that Humps was actually dead. She had a hard time processing the meaning of death and as a result, wanted to find heaven, so that she could also be made into a good person like Poussey and I guess Humps. It was kind of all over the place, but I give some props to Cindy for wanting Suzanne to get back on her medications and trying to maintain a schedule. The bad idea was not actually finding the right meds for Suzanne and just giving her lithium instead.

Bunker inmates

Now that Piscatella is in la la land in the bunker, the girls decided to tie him up until he woke up. And of course, as revenge, Red wanted to find ways to torture him, against everyone else’s better judgement. As a result, the girls decided to tie up Red as well. Later on, everyone started getting hot-headed and started arguing, until Gina finally broke it up, by showing everyone that she recorded the whole torture scene that happened earlier on. Super smart of her.

Boo & Linda

These two also had a big storyline in this episode and their whole relationship shifted. While the two were in the bathroom, Boo found Linda’s phone and saw the photo of her and Caputo. This immediately made her mad because Linda had been lying to her this entire time. Later, Boo finally revealed that she found Linda’s phone and things went downhill real fast. This made me happy because Linda is so annoying and it’ll be interesting to see how she gets out of this predicament. You never want to piss off Boo.


Lorna had a small arc in this episode, but what was shocking, was that she took a pregnancy test, and it revealed that she was indeed pregnant. This really makes me wonder when she got pregnant, because it feels like she hasn’t been with Vinnie in a really long time. But I guess now, we’ll get to see yet another inmate go through a pregnancy and see how she deals with the fact that she has to give the baby to Vinnie after she gives birth. That should be interesting.