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Bee and Puppycat: Failure Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have a Beautiful Life

Pretty much everyone in Bee and Puppycat are failures in some way.

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Netflix’s Wednesday Review

Delightfully deranged, sweetly sinister, and terrifically torturous. Netflix’s Wednesday is all of these things.

We start this journey at Wednesday and Pugsley’s school, played by Jenna Ortega and Isaac Ordonoz, respectively. Pugsley is found tied up and whimpering in Wednesday’s locker. When she asks him who did this, she is swiftly taken by a vision, seeing that it was the swim team. Once she comforts Pugsley (in her own “special: way), she assures him that she will take care of this. Before she sics piranhas on the hapless swim team, she says what I believe any sibling has said at least once, “No one is allowed to torture my brother, except me.”

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Zootopia+ Review

Mild spoilers ahead!

Disney dropped a trailer for their new series Zootopia+ just mere days before launching six episodes on November 9, 2022. It seems to be the only episodes that are planned for this series, but who knows?

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Who Is The Most Popular Female Marvel Superhero?

Who is the most popular Female Marvel Superhero? While you would think this would be a simple question to answer, it’s actually not! Does “most popular” mean the one that has historically appeared in the most advertising promos (cereals, workout gear, etc.), does it mean a fan favorite, or does it mean the most powerful?

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4 YouTubers Who Watch Horror Movies So You Don’t Have To

I love myself a good story. I love looking into the lore of something and trying to solve the mysteries of the tale that I am being presented with, whether it’s a book, show, or movie. However, when it comes to horror, I often can’t stomach all the gore, grotesque sounds, or jump scares. I want to experience the scary story without all the in-your-face-grossness or horror. That is when I look for a horror movie review by someone I trust.

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