Reagan Ridley, please report to the HR Department for some much-needed therapy. And no, you cannot use this as a chance to make out with your boyfriend in the supply closet. 

If the above phrase doesn’t make sense, then that’s because you haven’t seen Inside Job, the Netflix animated series from the mind of Gravity Falls alumni Shion Takeuchi. The premise is like many work com’s: quirky office, wacky high jinx. The twist is that it revolves around a company that helps cover up every conspiracy in existence. In hindsight, it’s like the SCP Foundation of internet fame. It’s a very entertaining premise, and with a Gravity Falls alum making it and Alex Hirsch as executive producer, you know it’s good. And the latest season is even better than the first. 

Reagan Gets Better

Inside Job Season 2 Poster

Season one of Inside Job ended with Reagan cutting her narcissistic father out of her life for good. However, he turned the tables on her by regaining control of Cognito Inc like he always wanted. Worse, none of her teammates have her back in trying to take him down. In other words, she’s hit rock bottom. Her horrible Dad is now her atrocious boss!

At first, Reagan’s determined to take her Dad down, which sounds like something that would take up the bulk of the season. However, the first episode ends with her having an epiphany: she doesn’t need to take down her Dad. He’ll run himself into the ground on his own! It sounds like wasting a good plot, but it’s a subtle acknowledgment of her character growth. She doesn’t let her Dad dictate her life anymore and makes her own choices. Which includes dating someone from a rival company.

But first, let’s talk about what Cognito Inc. is like under Rand Ridley.

Rand Ridley is His Own Worst Enemy

Inside Job Season 2-Reagan Hits Rock Bottom
This is what it looks like hitting rock bottom. Source-YouTube, Netflix

As previously stated, Rand Ridley’s in charge of Cognito Inc now, with his former partner and co-founder JR currently interning for him. And he doesn’t waste any time abusing his power, ignoring the orders of the Robes (the secret society that runs the world’s conspiracies) for his own goal: getting his ex-wife back. 

Pretty much everything that Rand does this season revolves around what he wants. From making a Hollywood movie to one-up Keanu Reeves to having one of Reagan’s coworkers run for Senator so he could pass a law forcing his ex-wife to go out with him, Rand is the epitome of selfishness. Fortunately for him, Christian Slater’s hilarious performance and over-the-top behavior keep us from completely hating him. And while he continues his self-destructive behavior, it shows how much Reagan’s improved. 

Speaking of which…

Reagan Got a Boyfriend!

Inside Job Season 2-Unlikely Allies
I knew they’d end up dating the moment I saw them. Source-YouTube, Netflix

A big plot to this season ended up being Reagan’s love life. She ends up meeting her counterpart in Cognito’s rival, the Illuminati (yes, that Illuminati!), Ron Staedtler. He’s in charge of wiping people’s memories for the Illuminati, and he and Reagan have a lot in common. They’re both geniuses who want to do good for the world, but get frustrated by the idiocy of those in charge. The result has left them jaded and cynical.

They start making out by the end of the season premiere.

Yeah, Reagan gets a boyfriend, and she’s never been happier, something her coworkers all notice. They have sex all the time, complain about their jobs, and complement each other’s intellect. It seems like they’re perfect for each other. However, the latter half of the season reveals cracks in their relationship.

The Hardest Choices 

It’s not that the two of them argue; it’s just that they disagree on one key thing: their work. Whereas Reagan hasn’t given up on making the world better, Ron’s so jaded that he wants out of this life for good. And as much as they love each other, they can’t reconcile on this one thing.

As much as Reagan wants to keep both in her life, she finds it impossible. She even checks alternate timelines that prove it! Thus, she has to make the toughest choice of her life. Does she walk away, erase her memories and start a new life with Ron, or stay with Cognito and the Robes, who offer to make her their partner? 

Ultimately, Reagan chooses Cognito. Less for her job, though, and more because she knows Ron will be happier out of this life. It’s a heartbreaking moment to watch, but it shows just how much she’s grown. She’s learning from the mistakes her parents made.

Ultimately, the season ends with Reagan finally running Cognito Inc, but with the implication that the Robes aren’t as good as she thinks. It sets up Inside Job for even more mysteries and drama going forward, and I’m looking forward to it!