Despite its seeming novelty, blockchain gaming has quickly become a vibrant sector of the cryptocurrency market.

Although the crypto gaming industry is still relatively small, successful blockchain games tend to have a significant number of users. Are you thinking of starting your crypto gaming journey? Or are you more into crypto gambling yourself? In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the blockchain, crypto, and the fun stuff. Let’s check it all out.

What is this “blockchain” technology all about?

Blockchain may be thought of as a digital ledger that holds information in a decentralized fashion. Digital currency exchanges, NFT ownership, and DeFi smart contracts may all be recorded on a blockchain.

While this data may be stored in any regular database, blockchain is special because it is completely decentralized. In contrast to centralized databases like Excel spreadsheets or bank ledgers, which are stored on a single server, blockchain databases are distributed throughout a network of computers making this tech very secure.

Cryptocurrency – explained

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money that operates independently of central authorities like banks. Cryptocurrency transactions are totally digital, existing only as entries in a digital ledger. Any time bitcoin is sent or received, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain. The most used crypto is definitely Bitcoin, followed by Litecoin and Etherium. You can use these coins to buy anything, just like regular money. You can also game using it and even gamble. If you’re new to the world of crypto, you should first check out Crypto Casino free spins no deposit to check out how cryptocurrency casinos function without wagering your own assets.

How to gamble with crypto?

The year 2020 saw the beginning of a meteoric rise in the number of online casinos that accepted cryptocurrencies as payment. The online bitcoin gambling market is a massive business. Experts agree that half of all Bitcoin transactions are somehow connected to the gaming industry. 

There is a wide variety of advantages to adopting cryptocurrency for gaming. Payouts with cryptocurrencies are often quick, fee-free, and often have no limits to cashouts. Cryptocurrency casinos also provide a more modern gaming experience. The latter often provide superior, provably fair games that are inaccessible to anyone wagering with fiat currency. Improved visuals, fresh mechanics, and clearer wagering are just a few of the benefits of this kind of gaming. 

Furthermore, using cryptocurrency guarantees both privacy and security for all financial dealings. It might be difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable gaming platform. However, it is crucial for players to only utilize reputable crypto gambling sites since doing otherwise exposes them to the danger of having both their cryptocurrency and personal information stolen. This is why you should pay attention to gambling only at licensed casinos. Check for the license badge and number at the bottom of the casino homepage.

Crypto gaming – Play to Earn

Video games have traditionally allowed people to unwind and forget about reality for a couple of hours. Besides being a fun way to pass the time, most people use their hobby as a creative outlet. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make a living just from gaming unless your talents are exceptional and you are born under a lucky star. However, some of the richest gamers in the world are not playing your typical games but crypto games.

With P2E (play-to-earn) games, you can make this your reality. As a result of the mining of NFTs and crypto, participants of P2E games (commonly known as “crypto games”) may now legally possess the virtual items they acquire in-game. Having in-game cash completely useable as crypto and in-game products minted as NFTs opens up many options for gamers.

Players may make money by buying and selling in-game virtual commodities, including “skins,” “weapons,” “characters,” “currency,” and “virtual land” on the metaverse, all of which they have the opportunity to acquire or purchase in-game. Like any other NFT, some gaming items may sell for eye-popping sums on the secondary market. Basically, you may earn money you can use independently from the game just by gaming. The most popular crypto games are  Splinterlands, the Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.