Pirates of Leviathan: Episode One Recap

During the first episode of the Pirates of Leviathan side quest, we met our heroes; Cheese, Barbarella “Bob” Sasparilla Gainglynn, Myrtle “The Bitch”, Marcid the Typhoon, Sunny Biscotto, and Jack Brakkow. They had found an artifact known as the Daughter of Storms, which holds significant power. It scared Myrtle enough to leave her watery abode and appears to have some connection to Jack’s past. The episode ended with the beginning of some player-versus-player combat.  

Source: Dimension 20

Pirates of Leviathan: Episode Two Recap

Episode two began with the PVP combat mentioned above, in which Jack and Sunny apprehended Marcid. It turns out that Marcid had worked with Cheese’s brother before his passing, this revelation filled Cheese with rage, allowing him to knock out Marcid with “four weak wizards'” punches. After the crew calmed down, they decided to head off to the Crescent Moon Trading Company to get some answers about the artifact and learn Trixie’s whereabouts. It is also important to note that Cheese drank a bit of Stimey’s mold water, allowing a part of him to always be with Cheese.

The team shared all of the information they knew about the artifact, and Sunny interacted with her goddess, Jane Wren. Wren mentioned that there was trouble on the horizon and that Sunny should head Marcid’s warnings. Myrtle felt some of her goddess’s anger lessen due to her having the artifact; however, now she must punish those who stole the Daughter of Storms. The group headed to the Crescent Moon Trading Company; on the way there, Marcid scooped up some of the food offerings left for Jack, to take to the Kenku family.

As Jack, Bob, Myrtle, Marcid, and Sunny entered the Crescent Moon Trading Company, they met the gnomish clerk Grover Leforge. Upon asking for their freelance paperwork, Sunny quickly went outside to hide with Cheese in the shadows. Bob used her charm and wit to convince Leforge to let them hold on to the artifact rather than leave it in the vault. During this time, Marcid went digging through Langley Sheffield-Harrington’s desk. It was then that Marcid learned of Langley’s plans of using him as a fall guy. As this was going on, Cheese and Sunny had a heartfelt bonding moment, showing their young ages. After this discovery, the members officially became a crew, and thus ended this episode of Pirates of Leviathan.