For the majority, this episode was a storyline setup, but with the short window of time left with the flagship show, I found this quite annoying. With that being said, this doesn’t have a whole lot to go over.

We start with Carol gathering up some food for the journey, Ezekiel is saying his goodbyes as we know he has decided to stay at the Commonwealth. They are having some small chit-chat when Ezekiel gets eerily quiet, so Carol looks to see what is going on when she is attacked! She is able to escape and heads to the garage, where they have been gathering up the supplies. At this garage, Daryl is in the middle of fighting off some attackers and having a really tough time at it. Carol gets there at the right time and helps Daryl kill the last attacker. They confirm that the kids and everyone else have been captured.

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 20 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Yumiko literally comes in hot into Pamela’s office, punching a guard in the face, and telling all her guests they need to go. Yumiko wants to know why everyone has been taken and where are they? Pamela just tells them they are away and she wants to show everyone that they would have a fair trial if it comes to that. With the way she proves it, is for Yumiko to prosecute Eugene in court. Yumiko goes to the hospital and talks with her brother about what is happening, while she tries to leave she runs into Connie, who tells Yumiko she fought off the attacker, and knew that he had to go to the hospital so she came to hide waiting for him and would follow him after. Yumiko tells Connie that they will be looking for her, but not Yumiko. She tries to tail the guy but is noticed very very quickly. The last portion in Commonwealth is that Yumiko literally flips the script on Pamela and uses the press conference to instead say that she is going to defend Eugene in court to the dismay of Pamela and shock of the crowd.

Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 20 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

With Carol and Daryl, it was pretty linear. They went to go see Hornsby knowing that he knows all of the shady business of Commonwealth. He offers to show them where to go. Daryl kills the walker and knocks off Milton’s ankle bracelet, bringing the guards. Carol and Hornsby escape while Daryl fights off the guards. Hornsby leads Carol to some outpost, and Daryl is able to track them down. Hornsby tells them that Commonwealth has a working train, and to follow the tracks. Daryl tells Hornsby this is the end of his journey, he doesn’t want to accept that and tries to fight back but is shot in the neck. We end with the others cuffed, blindfolded, and shot with some sleeping matter in a bus apart of a convoy, to we assume the site of the train.