Who would have thought twenty years ago that there would come a day when people could earn millions by simply playing video games? Well, it has happened, and there are quite a few gamers out there who can be classed as rich. But which of them are raking in the big bucks in 2022?


PewDiePie is an internet icon who has managed to specialise in multiple areas over the years. His come-up was very much on YouTube, where he has millions of subscribers and is classed as one of the platform’s OGs. He almost quit Youtube in 2019 due to to his ”cancellation” on social media when his Spotify list was made public, but lucky for us, he’s still in the game and making top class content. He has also become a prominent video gamer and currently streams on Twitch. Recently, PewDiePie got a lot of attention in the media because of a Japanese governor who wants to use his dogs for promotion of tourism in Japan. PewDiePie and his wife moved to Japan in 2019 because he’s obsessed with all things Japanese. In one of his latest videos he announced that he will be posting less content in the future, in order to figure out the next stage of his career. Hopefully he will find a new platform to express himself.


Tyler Blevins, or Ninja as most people know him, changed the video gaming landscape forever. Up until Ninja made it big, it’s fair to say that gamers hadn’t become mainstream celebrities. But, after Blevin’s success as a Fortnite player and streamer, he became a mainstream celebrity in his own right, earning millions thanks to the sponsorship agreements he had signed as well as exclusive streaming deals.


Trainwreckstv has been playing video games for years, but in recent times, he’s become one of the most watched streamers on the Twitch platform. As well as playing video games, which he’s proven he’s talented at, Trainwreckstv has become renowned for his gambling streams too. And when you consider these streams can generate as much interest for most reputable online sportsbooks to offer betting on various events as anything out there, it certainly makes Trainwreckstv a lucrative gamer by default for his sponsorships with operators.


You don’t have to be a streamer or an e-sports player to be a rich gamer, and DanTDM is head and shoulders above many others for the realm he operates in, which is YouTube. DanTDM, real name Dan Middleton, has seen his Minecraft videos generate views of over a whopping 10 billion. And not only does this mean that he rakes in millions thanks to the views, but he’s often seen working with some of the world’s leading brands in lucrative ways.


Markiplier is a multi-talented individual who is not only into gaming but also excels as an actor, director, writer and producer. Maybe it’s having those skills that made him perfect for content creation. And if so, Mark Fischbach, Markiplier’s real name, should be thankful millions of times over because that’s how much he currently earns from his gaming exploits over on YouTube. With over thirty million subscribers and views into the billions, Markiplier is one of the top-grossing gamers around.

The great thing about gaming, as proven by the rich list above, is that there are many stands to it, and they can all prove lucrative for the right person. There’s streaming, YouTube and even competitive gaming. It’s an industry where gamers can go down the path they are passionate about and do well with a little luck and a lot of hard work of course.