Previously on LOTR: The Rings of Power, Prince Durin was stripped of his title. Additionally, we saw the Balrog at the bottom of the Dwarven cavern. Next, a troop of fearless Harfoots set off to find the Stranger after the robed ones burnt down their homes. Finally, we lost many humans in the Southlands after the eruption of Mount Doom. Please see the list below if you want a recap on a different episode.

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LOTR: Rings of Power Finale Recap

Eryn Galen

As the Stranger was making his way through the woods, he ran into what he believed to be Nori. However, it was the leader of the robed ones disguised. The robed ones refer to the Stranger as Lord Sauron. After an epic fight, the Stranger is bound to a tree. This is when the Harfoots spring into action.

As Nori goes to untie the Stranger, she realizes too late that this is another shapeshifting trick. Sadoc also receives a knife to the stomach. As it seems all hope is lost, the real Stranger appears and takes on the robed ones. They give him the butt-whooping of a lifetime and set the forest on fire. After an inspiring speech by Nori, the Stranger banished the robed ones back to the land where they hail.

After a tearful sunrise, Sadoc dies but is happy to be reunited with his wife. The team returns to the Grove, where there is another tearful goodbye. Nori and the Stranger decide to go to the land the robed ones came from. After smelling the air, they head off.


In Númenor, we see the King dying, and Pharazôn is commissioning a statue in his honor. Eärien, Isildur’s sister, is one of the guild members bidding for the job. As she sketches the King, he awakes and mistakes her for Míriel. He tells Eärien to return to the old ways and sends her to look at the seeing stones.

Back on the ship, Míriel and Elendil have a heart-to-heart. Clearly, they are committed to ending Lord Sauron despite their losses. As they sail into port, the docked vessels are donning black sails. The King has officially died.


Meanwhile, in Eregion, Elrond and Celebrimbor debate how to keep the Elves safe. Galadriel arrives and has a pep talk with Elrond. Additionally, Halbrand is on the mend and helps Celebrimbor devise a solution to amplify Mithril’s power. He proposes making a crown, but this later becomes two rings. Finally, high King Gil-galad arrives and initially does not seem too keen on Celebrimbor and Halbrand’s plan. Nevertheless, he grants the team three months to complete the project.

Galadriel became suspicious of Halbrand and requested a report on his ancestry. He is not the King of the Southlands but Lord Sauron. He offers to make Galadriel his queen; however, she refuses the offer. Lord Sauron leaves Eregion, heading for Mount Doom. After she meets with Lord Sauron, Galadriel orders the team to make the third ring. There are three for the Elves, after all.

Odds and Ends

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