Last we left off in LOTR: The Rings of Power, Arondir delivered Adar’s message to Ostirith, and Theo learned about the sword he wields. Next, Míriel and Galadriel teamed up and prepared for their journey to Middle-earth. Finally, Durin shared with Elrond that they were mining Mithril. Please see the list below if you want a recap on a different episode.

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LOTR: Rings of Power Episode 5 Recap

Harfoot Migration

The Brandyfoots and Poppy find themselves at the back of the pack. The trek is dangerous, and they appear to be falling behind rapidly. Then, the Stranger appears out of the blue and helps them move their cart. After Poppy sings a beautiful and haunting song, a pack of wargs descends upon members of the Harfoot clan. The Stranger smashed his fist into the ground, scaring off the wargs and hurting himself.

Tending to his wounds, the Stranger soaks his arm in water which causes frost to spiral up his arm. This is upsetting to Nori, and she attempts to remove his arm from the water. Unfortunately, after touching the Stranger, Nori’s arm also begins to freeze. Eventually, the Stranger notices what is happening and throws Nori off him. While she was okay, she was shaken after the exchange.

Meanwhile, as the trek occurs, a trio clad in white reaches the crater the Stranger created. One can safely assume their intentions are not pure.


Back in Lindon, Durin, Elrond, and the High King Gil-galad have a great feast. Gil-galad questions Durin and what is going on in the mines of Khazad-Dum. Thinking quickly to get the questioning off his back, Durin quips that the table they are eating on is sacred to the Dwarves. He claims they only use this type of stone for monuments and tombs. This turns out to be malarkey.

After the meal, Gil-galad confronts Elrond. He wants Elrond to confirm that Mithril is being mined. However, Elrond stands by his promise and says nothing. This is where we learn that Mithril is also vital to the Elves. As Durin leaves Lindon with his sweet new table, Elrond explains the problem. The pair then decided to speak with Durin’s father.


On Ostirith, Bronwyn attempts to rally the villagers to fight against Adar. At first, the crowd seems receptive and ready to fight. Unfortunately, Waldreg also addressed the crowd. Nevertheless, he managed to convince half the villagers to go back to town and pledge loyalty to evil. Upon returning to their village and meeting Adar, Waldreg began acting odd. To prove his loyalty to Sauron, Adar says Waldreg must murder a young man. Waldreg does not seem to hesitate.

At Ostirith, Theo gained the courage to show Arondir the sword hilt. Arondir had seen the symbol before, and the camera pans out to reveal a skull carved into nearby stone. Arondir tells Bronwyn it is a key, and Adar knows Theo has it.


At Numenor, the ships prepare for Middle-earth. Isildur begs his father to let him join; however, because Isildur was kicked out of Sea Guard, his father does not budge. Eärien and Kemen are against the war, but Pharazôn supports it. Pharazôn believes it will give his people more power over Middle-earth. Galadriel also shows the recruits how to fight like Elves.

Galadriel and Halbrand fight, but he agrees to go to war. The evening before the ship embarks on its journey, Kemen snuck onto the boat to set it ablaze. Similarly, Isildur attempted to stow away. After a skirmish, an explosion erupts from the ship. Luckily the two make it out okay, but chaos ensues after the fact. Pharazôn wanted to delay the mission, while Míriel was hesitant. Ultimately, it came down to Halbrand deciding if we would commit to being king. He did, and everyone, including Isildur, ended up on the ship.

Odds and Ends

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