Last we left off in LOTR: The Rings of Power, the Númenoreans set sail for Middle-earth. An epic battle took place in the Southlands between the Orcs and Humans. As it seemed the Humans were outnumbered and headed for doom, the Númenoreans swooped in to save the day. Unfortunately, Mount Doom erupted and left the villagers in the Southlands in its wake. Please see the list below if you want a recap on a different episode.

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LOTR: The Rings of Power Episode 7 Recap


In Khazad-Dum, Prince Durin spoke with his father about sharing Mithril with the Elves. This did not go over well. King Durin wants his son to focus on the needs of the Dwarves rather than the needs of others. Upon hearing the news, Disa and Elrond share their disappointment. Elrond returned his piece of Mithril to Durin after a heartfelt moment. As Durin cried, he looked over at a leaf that fell from Lindon, and the Mithril cured it almost immediately.

The camera pans over to Prince Durin and Elrond mining deep into Khazad-Dum. They found the largest node of Mithril anyone has ever seen. Unfortunately, King Durin made an appearance and forced Elrond to leave. Father and son have a heartbreaking argument in which Prince Durin is stripped from his title. King Durin took the leaf his son had been carrying and threw it into the shaft the pair dug out. A Balrog appears as the leaf gently falls to the bottom of the cavern.

The Grove

The Harfoots have officially made it to the Grove! However, Mount Doom decimated the lands. After some pestering from the other Harfoots, Nori asked the Stranger to fix it. After snuggling a tree and muttering an incantation, a branch falls and nearly squishes Nori’s sibling. The Harfoots decide it’s time for the Stranger to move on, and Sadoc gives him vague directions.

Come morning; the Grove is beautiful once again. Unfortunately, those white-robed figures popped in for a visit. Nori tried to give them the wrong directions to the Strangers whereabouts. In-kind, the robed ones burned down the Grove and moved in the correct direction of the Stranger. The Harfoots decided to warn the Stranger after all the good he had done. Those going on the quest include Nori, Poppy, Sadoc, and Nori’s mom.


After the eruption of Mount Doom, the Southlands became a fiery hellscape. Finally, Galadriel awoke and found Theo. They began to make their way to a Númenorean camp. Queen Regent Míriel also survived and sent Isildur and Valandil to save villagers from the tavern. Unfortunately, the building collapsed on Isildur, implying that he had died. Elendil rightly does not take the news of his son’s death well. Additionally, Míriel lost her vision.

Elendil attempted to console Isildur’s horse at camp but to no avail. Finally, the horse was set free, presumably looking for its owner. Galadriel and Theo make it to the base. Theo found both Bronwyn and Arondir alive and healthy. Galadriel meets with Míriel, and they both agree that their people are ready for war. Galadriel is then whisked away to see Halbrand in terrible shape. The two mount horses and take off to get some Elvish healing.

In what was initially known as the Southlands, we see Adar, Waldreg, and the Orcs. After a fierce victory, Adar is tasked with renaming these lands. He settled on Mordor.

Odds and Ends

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