Last we left off in LOTR: The Rings of Power, Galadriel and Halbrand found themselves in Numenor. Next, we met Captain Elendil and his family. We also saw the Harfoots kick the Brandyfoots to the back of the migration. Finally, Arondir was on his way to meet Adar after watching Orcs slay his Elven brethren. Please see the list below if you are looking for a recap on a different episode.

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LOTR: Rings of Power Episode 4 Recap


The Orcs dragged Arondir into their makeshift tent city. Here, he met face-to-face with Adar, a creepy Elf. The orcs refer to Adar as “father.” Upon questioning this, Arondir was told to send a message to Ostirith. Unfortunately, as viewers, we did not get many answers, but whatever this message is, it cannot be good.

A camera shift occurs, and we are back on Ostirith, the watchtower the Elves used to occupy. Bronwyn has been helping every villager in the Southlands make the pilgrimage to this safe place. However, the survivors are running out of food. Bronwyn urges a hunting party to go out, but her son Theo objects. He thinks they should head back to town and scavenge what they left behind. Theo thought he knew what was best and took a friend back to town.

Upon returning to their village, Theo went to work finding food while his friend watched the cart. Unfortunately, a cloud quickly covered the sun, and Orcs went to work roughing up Theo and scaring away his friend. During the scuffle, Theo took out that mysterious blade and swung away. Knowing what the sword was, the Orcs descended on Theo. In an incredible slow-motion scene, Arondir shows up shooting Orcs with arrows while Theo runs away through the woods. Bronwyn also showed up, and the pair managed to save her son. At Ostirith, Arondir explained that Adar wants the Humans to bow to him. However, Adar is on his way and will not take no for an answer. Waldreg, the usually shirtless butcher, also explained the blade’s origins to Theo. It is connected to Sauron.


Queen Regent Míriel dreamed she was holding a special ceremony for the town’s babies. Unfortunately, the leaves from Nimloth begin blowing off. When she looks out to the courtyard to investigate, a giant tidal wave comes crashing through the castle.

Meanwhile, outside members of the various guild gathered in the center of town. They fear that Elves are coming for their jobs. Pharazôn, Míriel’s right-hand man, quells their worries by buying them drinks. Eärien is watching on while Kemen, Pharazôn’s son, approaches her.

Galadriel attempted to persuade Míriel to help the people of the Southlands in the upcoming battle. At first, Míriel is not having it, and she also refuses to back Halbrand as being king. This disagreement leads to Galadriel being imprisoned. Halbrand and Galadriel talk strategy, and eventually, Míriel agrees to join them. This is mainly due to the tree leaves falling off in real life.

Additionally, Isildur and his two friends were kicked out of the Sea Guard. This was due to Isildur letting go of a rope to get himself kicked out. However, with ships heading to Middle-earth in 10 days, the trio agreed to join the efforts.


While the work on Celebrimbor’s forge has been coming along swimmingly, Elrond is suspicious. Durin has been avoiding his Elven friend. After attempting to talk to Disa about this, Elrond begins stalking him. After witnessing Durin and Disa conversing on a bridge, he discovers something is afoot in one of the mines.

Elrond snuck into the mine and knocked a password to get into a hidden entrance. Durin catches him in the act and makes Elrond pinkie promise not to tell anyone. This mine is full of Mithril, which could help the Dwarven community. Unfortunately, an explosion rocks the mine during this tender moment, causing Durin to run in and save his people.

In the next scene, Disa sings an emotional tune. It appears to be a prayer to the gods for keeping all the miners alive. While this is a happy ending, Durin’s father, the king, is shutting down the operation. After a beautiful conversation between father and son, it is decided that Durin will go with Elrond to Lindon. First, the Dwarves must discover what the Elves are planning.

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