Previously on the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, we learned a bit of backstory about Galadriel, the Harfoots, and the elven soldier Arondir. Now, we will jump back into the realm and learn more about the dwarves, Galadriel being stuck at sea, and the horrors that lie beneath the Southlands. I know that I had a fun time watching the first episode, so let’s get into the second one!

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Episode 2 Recap


We ended episode one with Galadriel jumping ship as she neared Valinor. In the cold waters of the Sundering Sea, she ran into a few humans attempting to survive on a raft. However, after their ship was torn apart by a sea worm, they were far less trusting and ready to throw Galadriel off their boat at a moment’s notice. After a struggle with the sea worm, only one human remains, Halbrand, and he seems suspicious of Galadriel. Another tussle with the worm sent Galadriel overboard; however, Halbrand saved her and brought her back onto their smaller raft.


In the Southlands, Bronwyn and Arondir discovered some disturbing news. Bronwyn’s hometown had been overrun by Orcs, who dug tunnels leading towards Tirharad. In an act of bravery, Arondir jumped into the tunnels while Bronwyn ran back to town to warn the villagers. This brings us to the struggle at Bronwyn’s home, where an Orc hassles her son Theo. During the scuffle, Theo used the sword that gave evil vibes from the first episode. After defeating the Orc, we watch as the villagers leave Tirharad.


In Rhovanion, Nori and Poppy discovered the older man in the crater. They loaded him into a wheelbarrow, and Nori was determined to care for him. After setting him up with a sweet tent and feeding him some snails, we see Nori’s father injure his ankle. Later that evening, the man shows off his magical prowess causing the fireflies in the girls’ lantern to form a constellation. Nori believes he needs help finding these stars, and the brilliant moment ends with the fireflies dying upon his collapse.  


Elrond went to the dwarves after hearing that Celebrimbor needed help constructing a large tower. Upon arriving at the dwarves’ stronghold, Elrond invoked the right of Sigin-tarâg. This means he could spare the leader, Durin. Durin and Elrond were friends, and Durin was hurt at the time that had passed since they last spoke. However, they seem to have made up for the time being, and Durin talked to his father, King Durin III. After this interaction, King Durin III opened a box to which the contents were unknown.

Odds and Ends

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