Did you miss my last article on Family Guy? If so, here you go.

We open to Lois getting home from grocery shopping and does what I do, asking everyone to help unload the groceries. But, of course, nobody helps her. She sees Cleveland and his family playing and tells Peter and the kids that they are going to have a family fun day. Peter takes off.

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Getting people back home, they sit down to play a card game. As Lois reads the rules for euchre, the card game, Peter plays Russian Roulette which is a blast, with Peter ending up in Hell. When it is the same as at home, he plays again, returning to his family. Since they didn’t like that, they tried making pizza. That didn’t go over well. Thanks, Peter. They tried hot air ballooning, and that was a bust.

Finally, they decide on a movie night. Peter wants to go to Blockbuster. Unfortunately, he is in for a disappointment. Peter decides the family is driving to Bend, Oregon, to go to the last standing Blockbuster. It is quite the adventure that they end up dirty and pale. They finally make it to Blockbuster, and Peter has a $32,00.00 late fee that causes a high-speed car chase and shots being fired. Lots of gunplay in this episode.

Does Peter get his movies? Does he have to pay the late fee? Or do the Griffins die of exposure? Blockbuster is deadly serious about their late fees, that’s for sure. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!

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