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The Magicians Season 3 Musical Episode Gave us Chills, Laughs, and “All That Josh” [Review and Inside Scoop S3E9]

Maybe its the showrunner’s love of camp, the show’s recurring homage to Buffy, or just because the actor’s are too agreeable, but The Magicians has a tradition of musical episodes and they’re always a spectacle. “All That Josh” nailed a couple musical numbers, but the crown jewel was undeniably the “Under Pressure” group number. The scene may not have the iconic effect of Season One’s “Shake It Off” number, but we put it solidly above the Season 2 Les Miserables number and rate it highly for a few reasons. To start: the song choice was A+, Jade and Hale were stellar, and Stella’s scene is game changing. More than that though we are unapologetic suckers for anytime a group comes together in a crisis.

The Magicians – Syfy

We appreciated the Kady/Alice snark that opened the show as they figured out the next key clue and test their music knowledge. A quest unravels and they are teleported to an obvious pocket realm made to look like The Cabin (sans door). Josh is reintroduced with Clooney’s “Wham Bam” and it’s revealed that hes been there for weeks non-stop partying after he’d been abandoned and ignored by the other Magicians and “rescued” by ‘Todd’ and brought there where party magic is active.
Obviously that’s too good to be true and its actually a German Trickster demon (Till Eulenspiegel?), who can shapeshift and create pocket realms to give its victim their desires and feeds on their happiness. Alice of course comes correct with her analysis, sends Josh to distract the demonic partiers, and they are able to find the key tucked in a piano on the e-key (what a fun escape room idea!) Except theres a twist. When they hold the key a “questors exit here” door appears but things feel too easy. Suddenly all of the questors, in all their different locations, are able to hear eachother and comnunicate. Quentin decides that the quest is unity and they have to save Josh with a massive musical number and convince him to return to Earth with them, and much to Penny’s chagrin, conducts a magical version of the ear-wormy “Under Pressure”.
The Magicians – Syfy
Julia’s being the most odd performance because she had taken the truth key and been attempting to teach the alive but mutilated fairy Skye that Irene was lying and fairies CAN do magic in attempts to liberate the magic slave. Unfortunately, when the fairy uses her magic the amulet she wears kills her. Julia’s eyes glow golden and time stops right as the tandem musical begins. During the performance she activates her powers again and saves her new friend. The emotions were high on set and it was palpable and gave us chills.
The Magicians – Syfy

Penny and Margo were chained to the Muntjac, about to be executed by infinite waterfall under the orders of Tik, the revealed previous ruler of Fillory who despises the Magicians. Luckily, the Muntjac is a Margo fan and double crosses the arrogant usuper and his men who have to paddle back to land. The ship and her still chained friends go tumbling over the edge when she suddenly starys flying them to safety. I expected the Cozy Horse to rescue the ship and the Magicians, but I like the continuity of the ship having Margo’s back.

The Magicians – Syfy
The demon reveals he was doing all this as a favor for someone, and in this EW interview McNamura reveals its someone we know about but haven’t met. Our main theory is one of the Old Gods intervening, or possibly even Hades? We only mention his because of all the ties to Persephone and Penny needing a way out of the underworld deal that could logically flow from that setup.
If you’re curious to see why Jade/Kady shined so well in this episode [she had a musical theatre background and has done cabaret], or to see why each song was chosen, watch this weeks official Syfy Inside The Magicians youtube video here. And yes, they used all of the actors actual voices.

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