Cartoon Network Releases New Steven Universe Toys!

It feels like decades since the last episode of Steven Universe aired, and who knows when we will get to see it. To distract you from this eternal void of radio silence from Cartoon Network, here’s some awesome Steven-related news to distract you: new Steven Universe toys!!!

Photo Source: Bleeding Cool

These new Steven Universe construction sets will be available soon at Wal Mart and other stores!

These awesome sets come from McFarland toys and have are priced between $8.99 and $34.99, the most expensive being Mr. Universe’s van.

Goodbye, savings account! These toys will hit WalMart shelves any day now!

Photo Source: Bleeding Cool

Check out Amethyst in Steven’s Kitchen Set.

Photo Source: Bleeding Cool

Catch Peridot before she escapes!

Photo Source: Bleeding Cool

Pearl and Great Diamond Authority Pillar

Photo Source: Bleeding Cool

Need Garnet in Arcade Mania?

Photo Source: Bleeding Cool

Want to build a temple door warp pad?


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