Fear the Walking Dead is good this season, it’s done this before, been good for awhile and then the wheels fell off, followed by a saving grace or two towards the end of a season to keep me coming back. With that said I haven’t seen anything to make me not enjoy this season, we are seeing different groups of people each episode and this time the majority was Althea and Dwight. We very briefly saw Morgan back at his little camp with the baby and the mother, talking about supplies and how he has changed and afraid if he brings people back they won’t recognize him. She recognizes a jar of jam from Virginia’s camp but Morgan informs her that he has someone on the inside he can trust.

With that it’s the Al and Dwight show from here on out, they are tasked to go out on missions, they go to buildings and places to look for the living. If their are no living they have to try to find out why everyone died so it doesn’t happen to any of the settlements. This particular run took them to a funeral parlor, outside of a six pack of beer nothing was save able. Isabelle, also known as ground 17 on the radio talks while Al listens, she takes some notes about drop site Baker. Dwight hears the second radio chatter outside and puts together that who he refers to as “Beer Lady” is ground 17. Dwight urges Al to go to the city to find her beer lady, even if it goes against Virginia’s wishes and border.

The pair heads to the roof of the building and inside the ground level they see spray paint “The End is the Beginning” and rats in the cage. They head up a few flights of stairs until they are cut off by walkers and go inside the main floor to gun toting survivors!

Throw your hands in the air if you just don’t care. Maggie Grace as Althea, Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The survivors go and put Al and Dwight in a room while they go watch the videos. They come back later asking why they are recording everything, once convinced it’s really to help people they have the two join them in another room. All sorts of people are sick, and Al is able to pinpoint it as Bubonic plague, she knows that they all will die without antibiotics, and that the rats are the culprit and convinces Dwight to just ditch them.

Dwight is convinced to keep going because Al wants to feel alive again so they head upwards. After a flight or two of stairs they get stuck again and have to climb up inside some walls surrounded by rats. After getting through that pathway to another floor it’s filled with tons of walkers that died from the plague, they run off for some shelter and end up in a bathroom. The two gun toting survivors eventually come to save them but not before they realize that Dwight was bit by a rat. They keep pushing on to get Al to the roof, Dwight keeps making sure it happens despite what happened to him, he made her a little video on her camera for the trip. While waiting for the chopper she watches the video from Dwight which was really nice.

Dead plague infested walkers- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

With the chopper hovering, AL shoots off a flair and radio’s to Isabelle and tells her the place is compromised by the dead and sickness and she shouldn’t land. Ground 17 radio’s back thanking her, and saying she needs to stay off this channel and that some beer is in the crate and hopes it’s not her last. Al says it is good to hear her voice, and Ground 17 says again to stay off the channel, she radio’s to her base asking if they heard all that and drop site Baker is burned and she is heading to drop site Delta. In the crate besides beer is some medicine that can be used to heal everyone, Al tells Dwight that she changed her mind because she lost a brother and all she had was tapes to remember him by and she didn’t want to do that again.

Al and Dwight pass out the medicine, everyone there has been in the building since the beginning, Al tells them they don’t want to go where they are from but they promise to bring them somewhere better. Al and Dwight come to the conclusion that the people who spray painted the message are the ones who brought the rats with the plague and they also decide to radio in with the Rangers. When Al turned on the radio we hear some chatter asking if everyone is OK on the roof, because she saw the flare. Dwight takes the walkie and says, “Honey is that you?” After a long pause we hear a simple, “Dwight.” This is all it took for Dwight to take off outside looking and sure enough he found his wife Sherry after all this time! They hug and kiss, and I admit I got a little teary eyed.