The cast of The Orville’s last San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) was in 2019. The entire cast commanded the stage this year and brought jokes and minimal surprises. Today we will look into The Orville’s SDCC panel and the show as a whole.

Source: Bleeding Cool

The Show

The Orville, now named The Orville New Horizons, is a science-fiction comedic drama that takes place 400 years in the future. The crew takes on the adventures of space without a second thought. They keep going even when their exploration brings up old wounds, such as in the previous season’s finale. While the show’s primary focus is space exploration, it also dives into interpersonal relationships and varying cultures throughout the galaxy. 


During the SDCC panel, the cast shared many laughs with the viewers. However, there were not many updates on future seasons as many fans would have liked. This is likely due to the fact that the current season is still rolling out on Hulu. The biggest news shared thus far is that The Orville is moving to Disney+. Although this should not impact any Hulu viewers, those using Disney+ should expect to view the show on August 10, 2022. Regarding the news on future seasons, it is still too early to tell, according to the cast.


Due to The Orville still rolling out episodes, I was not expecting any huge news. However, the move to Disney+ was an exciting choice for me. It will be interesting to see if the swap to the Disney platform will change the story. Although I do not think the move will significantly change anything, plenty of Disney+ shows have been pleasantly fabulous. Perhaps the show will be able to move in the new direction MacFarlane was hoping to achieve. In the end, I believe only time will tell. What do you think about the move to Disney+? If you want to catch up on everything The Orville, head on over to Hulu.