In lieu of a regular recap, this week’s recap goes over some significant points in Amelia’s life lately. From teaching Stephanie her pre-surgery “superhero pose,” to proposing to Owen, to telling Owen she wants five kids, to yelling at Owen that she doesn’t want to have a baby.

Amelia stands in front of the mirror in her hospital gown and shaves off a patch of hair, where the incision will be made for her surgery. Maggie tells her that it sort of makes her look fierce, like a poorly done undercut. Meredith asks Amelia if she wants to call her mother and tell her about the tumor. Since Amelia’s family wouldn’t come to her wedding to Owen, she doesn’t want their support now either.

amelia shaves her head

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Bailey wakes up after hearing a thud. She realizes that she is alone in bed. We then see her husband, Ben, running (presumably training for something) in the woods.

Dr. Koracick runs through Amelia’s operation with the other surgeons. After he leaves, Maggie comments on his arrogance. Amelia says that he’s a show-off, and she asks DeLuca to ask a lot of questions during the surgery because Koracick works best when he’s showing off. She moves on to ‘if I die,’ telling Meredith that she will have to be the one to call her mom and break the news. She tells Maggie that she should take Amelia’s room at Meredith’s if she dies, because it’s the better room. Alex agrees on that. She tells Owen that if she’s ‘gorked,’ he needs to ship her away and move on with his life. She then announces that April has been made her power of attorney if she ends up on life support. The way she sees it, April is close enough to care, but not close enough to let emotion dictate her decision on whether or not to keep Amelia on life support. Amelia understands that some of these decisions may be the tumor talking, but it’s what she wants.

pre op

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As she goes into surgery, Amelia and all of the surgeons stand in superhero pose (Amelia taught this pre-op pose to Stephanie back in the day. “There’s a scientific study that if you stand like this, in superhero pose, you will perform measurably better.”) The voice-over is Amelia saying that with any surgery, you worry that you won’t wake up, but for brain surgery, you worry that you’ll wake up but not really be there when you do.

superhero pose

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After the title card, Bailey and Webber get ready to meet with their first intern interview. The candidate arrived extremely early, and they see him pacing around the room, speaking to himself, trying to psych himself up enough for the interview. They’re looking for people who are ‘functional human beings,’ and this doesn’t look too good for our boy.

Owen takes Megan’s temperature and it’s still over 100°F. Megan comments that, though it’s a fever, it’s barely a fever. She wants to get out of the hospital as soon as possible so she can get back to Farouk. She turns the focus back on Owen, who is sitting with her instead of watching his wife’s surgery. He points out that her relationship isn’t any better, with Riggs apparently leaving without saying goodbye.

owen meg temp

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April prays in the hospital chapel, asking God “please don’t make me have to unplug her.”

april prays

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In surgery, Koracick sings along with Fun Fun Fun by the Beach Boys. DeLuca tries asking questions about the surgery to keep his mentor focused, but Koracick says ‘sing along or shut up.’ In the gallery, Corina talks to Arizona about how she still can’t believe that Amelia’s diagnosis came from her female masturbation study. We go over to Maggie, Meredith and Alex. Maggie comments that the song choice seems inappropriate. Meredith counters that Riggs leaving Megan is what is inappropriate. Alex reminds her that he’s never liked Riggs, but with Alex’s past ‘crazy’ girlfriends, Meredith doesn’t think his judgment counts for much.

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The screen is black post-op. We hear the surgeons’ voices as they slowly come to focus. Amelia is opening her eyes, and they ask her how she feels. She says she’s okay, but they continue asking her as if she hasn’t answered, and Amelia realizes that they can’t hear her. We’re hearing Amelia’s thoughts. She worries that she’s been ‘gorked.’

amelia post op

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Post-op day 1, DeLuca wakes a sleeping Meredith to let her know that he’s here, if she wants to leave to shower. She gets up and holds Amelia’s hand for a second, telling her that she’ll be back after she showers. Amelia squeezes her sister-in-law’s hand, and Meredith gets excited. Amelia starts coughing, breathing on her own around the breathing tube.

Bailey and Webber continue on with interviews. This candidate explains why he’s so much younger than other candidates. Basically he started medical school when he was 16. The next candidate is holding his phone the entire time, waiting to hear back from his number one choice of hospital, Mass Gen. He gets a notification on his phone, and then acts as if he’s super interested in Grey Sloan, likely receiving his rejection from Mass Gen.

Jackson and Catherine show up at the hospital all dressed up, having just returned from Harper Avery’s funeral. Catherine tells her husband that she wants to do a family dinner tonight where they can talk about what kind of man Harper Avery really was. As she and Webber start to walk away, Korcick calls out Catherine’s name. A smile bursts across her face as the two greet each other. She introduces him to her husband, and then to Jackson. He asks how old Jackson is, joking that he’s just making sure that isn’t his son. Webber interrupts to ask how Amelia is doing. When Korcick leaves, Webber asks if there’s something he should know. Catherine, liking his jealousy, says she’d prefer to keep the mystery alive.

Jackson approaches a group of his friends and Maggie mocks him for being so dressed up. Jackson says he just came from the funeral, and Maggie feels like a terrible human. Alex asks how much money Harper left him. Meredith doesn’t think that is appropriate, but Jackson chuckles. Meredith needs to ask Jackson something, but thinks the timing is bad. He asks what’s going on. She says that she will be publishing an article on Megan’s abdominal wall transplant, and the surgery might get considered for a Harper Avery award — an award she won’t be able to win unless Jackson takes his name off of it. The award can’t go to something that any Avery is credited for. He bitterly agrees.

mer ave

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DeLuca gets Amelia out of bed, day one post-op. Koracick sees him and questions his sanity, but as a surgeon, this is what Amelia does with her patients. Amelia cries out in pain, internally begging DeLuca to let her rest. Koracick comments on how Amelia had made him promise her to not give her any opioids, which he credits to her tumor. Opioids were Amelia’s drug of choice, and as a recovering addict, she doesn’t want to slip back into her old life. As Koracick presses DeLuca to listen to him rather than Amelia, DeLuca points out that Amelia’s patients have a higher recovery rate than his own.

deluca and amelia post op

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Meredith checks in Megan. Megan thinks she just has a fever. No big deal. But Meredith tells her that her white count is elevated and there’s some erythema. The next three days, they’ll need to give her a cefazolin IV. After a beat, Megan asks if Meredith has heard from Riggs. It turns out that he’s been MIA for both women. They both told him to choose the other, and Megan thinks they ‘broke his brain.’

mer and meg check up

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Meredith tells Jo that Megan has cellulitis, and Jo asks if this will affect Megan’s article. She back tracks and says she’s just worried about it on Meredith’s behalf, and Megan’s, and also medicine’s. Meredith sees through this and says that she will be including Jo’s name on the article, which is very exciting for Jo… until Meredith mentions that the article will be published including pictures of the surgeons involved. Jo has been in hiding from her abusive ex-husband, and a published picture of herself could lead him back to her.

Webber talks to Amelia while she’s in pain. He tells her that pain affects the body’s healing time-frame, and that AA isn’t against using pain relieving medication as prescribed by a doctor. He asks her if she wants to reconsider. She looks sadly into his eyes, and he knows she’s standing by her decision to remain drug free. As a recovering addict himself, he understands why she needs to do this.

amelia in pain

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Meredith and co sit on break, thinking about crazy things Amelia has done that probably were due to her tumor. They joke about how they wish they had a tumor to blame their own bad decisions on, such as Alex saying, “DeLuca, sorry I hit you. Tumor.” Meredith and Maggie get a text from DeLuca saying that Amelia is talking. When they show up at the room, Amelia is speaking French. Maggie knows French, so she’s able to communicate effectively, but Amelia didn’t even know that she knew French, having only taken it in preschool.

Continuing with interviews, Webber and Bailey meet with one girl who brags about how she worked hard to get to this point, unlike her ‘legacy’ peers, who have had it easy. Another girl has a high social media following and says that she will boost the hospital’s popularity.

intern snap

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Bailey sees her husband sleeping on a gurney in the hospital hallway. She smiles at him before heading home for the night.

Meredith walks in on Megan, who is freaking out. Owen is trying to talk some sense into his sister, but she won’t listen. We find out that Farouk is in the hospital in Baghdad. The doctors there think that he’s anemic, but knowing his diet, Megan doesn’t at all believe that is the problem. Meredith reminisces about when she thought Zola was going to be taken away from her, and she reacted without thinking. She kidnapped her own daughter, and made things worse. She tells Megan that she likely will be making things worse if she takes off now, and if she gets an infection and dies, Farouk will be left motherless again.

Arizona finds April lying on a hospital bed in the ER. She says that she finds it hard to go home the nights she doesn’t have Harriet. Arizona tells her that it may take a while, but she’ll develop a ‘new normal’ and it won’t ache as much. April chokes il as she says she doesn’t want a new normal.

april sans harriet

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Owen asks Meredith if she thinks Amelia’s current state will be her long-term state. Mer says she wishes she knew, and Amelia asks if they could keep it down. Realizing she spoke English, Owen and Meredith rush to her side. They ask if she knows what happened, and she does. They go to call Koracick, but Amelia says they should call Derek instead. Obviously this is worrisome since Derek has been dead for years. Later, Amelia says that she knows that Derek died, but that she just forgot. She remembers all of the details now that she’s been reminded. She worries, though, that she’ll have lots of memory loss like this, resulting in her inability to be a surgeon. Koracick has her talk about herself as if she’s her own patient. While going through the facts, she notes that this is most likely temporary. Koracick agrees that this will be.

worried amelia

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Meredith gets a phone call from Riggs. She wants to ignore it, but she answers and tells him to stop calling. He responds by saying that he is going to be putting her on speakerphone. He’s at the embassy in Baghdad, trying to get Farouk a medical travel visa. Meredith rushes to a computer to do quick research, BSing her way through the call as a way to help Megan.

mer researches

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One interviewee speaks too quietly to be heard, while the next one is Glasses — the sub intern who dropped his glasses in a patient during surgery. He has since invested in a band to hold his glasses on his face. Bailey bonds with one of the interns over his love of Mash. Things seem to be looking up as they interview a young woman who gushes over Stephanie’s fierceness, but it’s short-lived when she comments that she can’t wait to see what the hospital looks like after the renovations (they already renovated).

Webber walks into ‘family dinner’ with his daughter, Maggie, and Catherine is a bit thrown. By ‘family dinner,’ she really just meant the two of them and Jackson. Catherine asks her husband to help her in the kitchen, leaving Jackson and Maggie alone. Maggie comments on how beautiful the house is. Jackson is surprised she’s never seen it before, but Maggie thinks Webber has been trying not to push himself on her as a father. Catherine, in the kitchen, stresses about Jackson’s inheritance. Jackson goes to check on his mother, and he and Maggie overhear her say that Harper left him a quarter of a billion dollars. Jackson asks why Harper didn’t leave that money to the foundation, but Catherine says he gave plenty to the foundation too. Jackson says what he really wants is a chance at being able to win a Harper Avery award, instead of being automatically disqualified due to his family. Catherine says that having ‘too much money’ isn’t the problem he’s turning it into, but Maggie speaks up that that much money gives Jackson an unlimited amount of decisions to make on what to do with it, and having too many options is a leading cause of stress.


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Amelia is cleared to be discharged from the hospital, but she asks DeLuca to bring in her scans, because she thinks they’re missing something. DeLuca brings Amelia’s jarred tumor in and tells her that what is missing is her tumor.

deluca and tumor

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Jo asks Meredith to take her name off of the paper. Meredith apologizes that she hadn’t even thought about the possibility of Jo’s husband finding her. Later, Ben asks Jo why she would take her name off of such a groundbreaking medical advancement and she says that she doesn’t want her psychopathic husband to find out where she is and come kill her. Feeling awkward and exposed, she asks him for a secret about himself. He says that he’s training for something but that his wife won’t be happy if she finds out about it.

ben and jo

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Meredith gets a text from Riggs and she rushes off to meet with Farouk and Riggs as Farouk’s doctor. Meredith brings the two of them to the hospital. She warns Megan to stay calm and not make any sudden movements. The amount of excitement Megan feels when she sees her son is incredibly heartwarming and realistic. With tears in her eyes, she silently thanks Riggs. He and Meredith exchange a smile, too.

riggs and farouk

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Jackson sees Maggie looking at scans and walks in to apologize about the night before. They share a moment before Catherine walks in and thanks Maggie for talking sense into Jackson. She refers to Maggie as Jackson’s sister, which makes the non-couple feel even more awkward.

Catherine asks her husband how the intern search is going (not well). Koracick catches up with them and asks Catherine if she wants to grab a drink. Webber says they already have plans and reminds him that they are married. Catherine says they’ll have to get together more often. She enjoys making her husband jealous.

koracick and cath

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Owen asks Amelia to come home, but Amelia says he should take care of his sister, and she should let her sister take care of her. She knows she’s been a terrible wife to him, and that he was getting ready to leave her before finding out about the tumor. She says that they don’t really know who Amelia is without this tumor affecting her brain, so he doesn’t have to be married to her. He walks forward and grabs her hands, asking again for her to come home.

amelia discharge

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In bed, Ben sets his alarm for early the next morning. Bailey says that rounds don’t start that early, but he says he wants to get up to run so he can stay in shape.

set alarm

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Arizona gets a notification on her phone from her daughter, Sofia (who moved to across country with Callie and Callie’s girlfriend, Penny, in case you forgot), saying she wants to move back to Seattle.

sofia coming home

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Alex asks Jo if she’s okay. She says that she hates that her husband still has power over her and is still taking things away from her.

sadly jolex

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Meredith takes Megan’s temperature, which has luckily gone down. Megan thanks her for her help with Farouk, but Meredith rightfully attributes it all to Riggs. She says that Riggs moved heaven and earth for Megan, and that that she shouldn’t keep pushing him away.

temp down

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What is Ben hiding from Bailey? Is he aiming to become a firefighter after the adrenaline he felt in the season 13 finale? When will all of this stuff with Jo’s husband finally blow up so she can move on with her life? Is Sofia really coming home? Will Callie be returning to Seattle, too?

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