Syfy’s hit series is in full swing in its third season, and the series is killing it at every turn. It continues to be Syfy’s number one scripted show week after week, season 2 hit Netflix a month ago and is claiming new fans left and right, and critics are calling it the next generation of Buffy.  All that fame has created a wave of fanfiction, music videos, podcasts, and fanart, which brings us to the big event.  The Game of Nerds staff writer and Magicians Superfan, Michael Ewon, has created a line of fake Magic: The Gathering cards featuring the characters from the show, and one very special one for the man that started it all.

Lev, The Creator (1)

Photo Credit: Daniel Munoz                               Subject Credit: Judith and Allen Grossman


So, of course, we need the tokens:


Image courtesy of Syfy

And a nod to our showrunners Sera Gamble and John McNamara for introducing a new creature to The Magicians universe in season 2, based on a creature from Ian Rogers’ “Every House is Haunted”

haxen paxen

Image courtesy of Syfy

And one special land card before we honor the main cast (you could do an entire spectrum of Fillory based lands, and you should share them if you do!)

Poison Room

Image Courtesy of Syfy

And last but not least, The Magicians, mostly seen in their stunning season 2 promo artwork, with some surprises thrown in.

High King Eliot

Image courtesy of Syfy

The OTP:

Quentin the fool

Courtesy of Syfy

Alce the orture artist

Image Courtesy of Syfy

Niffin Alice

Image courtesy of Syfy

The other couple that we’ve warmed up to but are unapologetically biased against:

Kady, the warrior

Image Courtesy of Syfy

PEnny the Traveler

Image courtesy of Syfy

The incomparable Julia: 

The god Touched

Image courtesy of Syfy

Shadeless Revenge

Image courtesy of Syfy

And the High Queen herself, with special artwork by J Shea (@jsheaisaninja), who graciously agreed to let us incorporate her amazing artwork for this project.


Artwork by J Shea @jsheaisaninja


If you have any ideas for more, please share your ideas or make them yourself and share them with the rest of the fandom!