I know it’s one of the biggest lingering questions of the season, did Gabriel have his shitting pants on? Gabriel is on his knees talking to something, and it becomes quickly clear that we are seeing a flash back of Gabriel from when he was by himself at his church. He is asking the higher power for forgiveness and a purpose after wrongly locking his congregation out from the church.

Inside the Sanctuary, Gregory is in a little room by himself. Simon comes in to greet Gregory and bring him some breakfast. He tells him that Gregory did the right thing by coming to him if he felt something was off. Even it was happening at the same time that the attack happened at Alexandria. Simon says that he brought Gregory here to talk with Negan and the other leaders of the Saviors. In typical Gregory fashion, he tries to save himself. He immediately says that he can stop the whole conflict before it starts. That he is the leader of the Saviors and they have to stand with Negan and the Saviors or they will be kicked out with no home. Still on a roll, Gregory says that he doesn’t like killing and Negan says he likes killing people, you kill the right person at the right time and everyone else falls in line. Negan wants to know how Gregory thinks he can stop this whole thing when he didn’t even know what Maggie was doing in his own place with his own people. Gregory replied that he let a fox into his hen-house and will take care of it.

Simon gives Gregory an ultimatum and states that if the Hilltop doesn’t fall in line, they will just have to kill everyone. An outcome they want to avoid, but if they do that all other colonies will fall inline again and achieve equilibrium. Negan is upset and adamant that people are the foundation of what they are building here. They are THE resource that keeps everything going. He asks if Simon is trying some backdoor sliding on him with this whole thing. Negan says the real plan A is to Rick, Maggie aka the widow, and king ass face alive, and make them dead in a very public and constructive way, going back to killing the right people at the right time to get everyone else to fall in line.

Back inside the portable building, Negan pounces on Father Gabriel who is easily overpowered. Negan gets control of his gun, finding it still has a full clip and wondering what Gabriel was doing the big baby. Gabriel says he didn’t have enough so he didn’t see the point of firing it off, Negan said he was just busting his balls and it was a smart move. After relaxing and taking a seat they chat, Negan says that Rick is an asshole, Gabriel says that Negan is an asshole. Negan agrees, but says Rick is going to get people killed, sure Negan has killed people, the widow’s husband and the ginger, but he didn’t GET them killed. Negan thinks that there is a difference in the matter, Gabriel has a realization and says he thinks he was put here to get Negan’s confession, Negan says that he is there to keep the balance, use weaknesses and strengths against each other, and people inside are going to die because he is not inside to stop it.

Inside the Sanctuary, with what they saw they are all assuming that Negan has in fact fallen. They try to collectively think of a plan, with Simon as the leader in this conversation. Regina starts to come up with her idea, send some fighters with 40 workers with melee weapons out to fight off the walkers. Eugene stops her saying the numbers and formation is not adequate and they will be overrun in a short time frame. Regina says that is exactly the idea, to have them fall and create a diversion so I small team can escape during the diversion and get to their people and the big guns. Regina said she has another idea, but Eugene the idea man out for not coming up with a plan. Another of the outpost leads says that the walkers wrap around the building so that plan won’t work, what they need to address is how this happened, along with when, showing that it had to have been organized from the inside, someone who is in this room currently. Dwight, in the ever famous, if I’m loud nobody will suspect me line of defense, gets loud and says that they can’t do that as the workers have the numbers, they will keep what they have, and if Simon can’t lead the Saviors out of here to safety he will. Simon likes that enthusiasm.

Eugene stops in to see Dwight after in his room to say thanks for sticking up for him at the last meeting. He tells Dwight he understands how he is the prime suspect in this matter, but he appreciates Dwight having his back. He gives him some pickles from his private stash in appreciation and notices Dwight’s handy work in making figurines, Eugene grabs one of them before Dwight can tell him to be careful the paint is still drying. Eugene ends up with a red smudge on his thumb from picking up one of the soldiers. Upon leaving Eugene thanks Dwight again and Dwight replies that he was right, and if Eugene didn’t say anything about it he would have.


While everyone else is standing around waiting to follow orders. Eugene is trying to figure out what is going on around the Sanctuary. Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC

Back with Negan and Gabriel, Negan says that he is going to make Gabriel his special project to make him strong. Gabriel asks Negan if he has anything to confess. Perhaps his killing of people, or keeping the workers as slaves, or perhaps his many wives. Negan says that this is an economy and the workers are not slaves, but there is always the rich and the poor, and the ladies all made their choice. Gabriel asks if their was a first, one before this all he promised to love forever. You can see he hit a nerve with Negan who is looking to Lucille for strength when Gabriel grabs his gun from Negan’s waistband and tries to shoot Negan, but missing and Gabriel locks himself in another room. With the gunshot Negan says OK, you took your shots, now they have to work together to get out, as the gunfire has really riled up the walkers and time is running out.

Rick and Daryl are still cleaning up things after their jeep chase, Daryl found some explosives he wants to use at the Sanctuary. Blow up a side, have the walkers go inside which will cause the surrender quickly, he says this can end by nightfall, Rick says no, that they have to stick to the plan, and that there are innocent people inside. Daryl says they can go to a different wall that is more for the soldiers, and the workers would have time to get to a second level. Rick says no, because the workers have the numbers, and this might cause them to fight back and take arms with the soldiers, and after losing the Kingdom they for sure don’t have the numbers.

They can’t agree, Daryl says he is going to do it anyways and Rick goes to stop him, they end up having a fight. During the fight Rick throws the bag behind them into the jeep wreckage. After fighting back and forth, Daryl has Rick in a choke hold, and Rick sees the jeep is on fire, he calls to Daryl and they stop fighting and get back to safety. However the jeep, guns, explosives and whatever else all burn and explode in the fire. It’s a harsh reality that even if they wanted to they couldn’t use what they had anymore. Back up on the road, Rick says he is going to continue with his plan, Daryl doesn’t agree with it, Rick’s jeep is also shot and out of commission so he tells Daryl he has to walk. Daryl says yep, and goes the opposite direction on his motorcycle leaving Rick to walk to his destination.

Negan is telling Gabriel through the door that they have no choice but to work together to live. If they get inside they will survive, Gabriel starts his confession, he says he has killed, but that is not his biggest sin, his biggest sin was locking his congregation out of his church and heard them all die. Gabriel tells Negan he will give him his pardon if he just confesses his sins. Negan tells Gabriel that he did have a wife before this all started, he lied and cheated on her, she was sick, she had cancer, but she died after this, but he couldn’t put her down, and this is how he was weak. Gabriel opens the door and says you are forgiven and goes to hand Negan back the gun, Negan punches Gabriel in the face, says thanks and tells him to keep the gun he will need it.

Negan goes back to the walker he killed earlier that got inside during Gabriel’s failed attempt on Negan, he starts chopping him up for walker guts camo so they can try to walk their way past the walkers outside, after both loading up with blood and guts they make some noise so the walkers start filing inside the structure, they start making the way out when something triggers the walkers about Gabriel and they try to attack him. Collectively they shoot and fight their way towards the entrance when some walkers are going to fall on them from above.

Inside the Sanctuary, the workers are getting restless and have made their way up to the second floor where they are not allowed. They are very upset they need food, water and electricity, they said that the agreement is being broken, the soldiers are to protect them and they worked and that isn’t happening. One of the workers has a gun and takes aim and is shot by Regina. Regina asks if anyone else refuses to work when we hear Negan whistling. He comes around the corner with Gabriel as they all kneel, he says despite what some think he is not dead, he will remind everyone who he is, he has a leather jacket, and Lucille, and steel nuts. He will get some food, a shower and deep tissue massage and maybe all three at the same time and then will have a talk about what is happening in his absence. He will talk to his right hand man about how this all has gone down and one of the workers says, Thank God for you Negan, he smiles and looks at Gabriel. He is proud of himself, he tells someone to take Gabriel to #2 gently, and he reaffirms gently to the soldier.

The Saviors were able to find out where the worker got a gun, sadly it is one of theirs. It also wasn’t the only one, and there is no way that a worker could get one gun from the infirmary let alone as many as they did, someone in this room is working a bigger game. They will find out who is doing it, Eugene sees a red smudge on the bag, he looks at his thumb and realizes who the inside man is. He turns and looks at Dwight with straight heat in his eyes as he figures out who did it.

In a couple of quick moments, we see Rick walking as he sees and hears a helicopter?! He can’t be hallucinating right?! He just keeps on walking towards the trash people’s compound.

After the meeting ended at the Sanctuary, Negan calls to Eugene, he tasks him with finding a way out of this mess. He tells Eugene if he is able to solve this mess he will make Eugene very happy. If Eugene tries his hardest, and Negan knows that he tried his hardest and is unable to solve this problem he will do Eugene a favor and kill him before they run out of water and food so he doesn’t have to see how bad things will get on the inside. He says he is their for Eugene and hopes Eugene is here for him too.

Eugene goes to check on Gabriel in #2. He brings him some blankets and other items, but Gabriel isn’t replying to his questions so Eugene gets concerned. He unlocks the door and goes inside and Gabriel is in heavy sweats and nearly passed out. Eugene says he will get him to Dr. Carson 2.0 ASAP, Gabriel tells Eugene that is the reason he is here, for Dr. Carson. Carson is Maggie’s Dr. and they need to get him out alive, he repeats that a few times before passing out.