What Now? could have various meanings in reference to all of the Pearson’s current storylines on This Is Us including…

What’s next for Randall and his family now that William has passed away.

How Kevin will adjust to his life now that he’s in a successful play, back with his ex-wife/ school sweetheart Sophie, and been offered a role by…more on that in a bit.

And how Jack and Rebecca plan to get over the wedge in their marriage aka “her singing career” or Ben.

Randall and his family

William has passed away and the Pearsons are all mourning in their own way. Randall is surprisingly at peace. He’s sad, but the anxiety he previously had doesn’t seem to be plaguing him. Tess and Annie are planning William’s memorial (at his request); they even made Blue Hawaiians (the drink, not the type of weed). But Beth is struggling. We all forget that Beth is really the one that spent the most time with him. She took care of him and filled all of his medicine. And she didn’t even really get a goodbye. That is, until Randall invited her to give his “toast” and she received that postcard from Memphis to “The daughter he never had”. *Sniffle* Forevermore, they will remember life as before William and after William. And after William, Randall found the perfect way to honor his legacy: quit his life-sucking job. We’ll see where this takes Randall next, but hopefully it’s in a happier, less stressful direction.


Back with Sophie, Kevin seems very happy. He’s prepping for the opening night do-ever of his play and he’s trying to get an acclaimed New York Times critic to attend. The problem is, he attended the first opening night–the one Kevin “bailed” on–and he thinks Kevin bailed because he’s scared. Kevin, honorably, did not reveal the real reason he had to ditch his first opening night. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE THIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! We only saw a glimpse of the play, but it seemed to go well; he got a standing ovation from the crowd…but no Novak. Who cares, though; he and Sophie did it and then he got a call from Ron Howard who attended the show because he was in town visiting his niece. Ron Howard loved it and wants him to star in a movie shooting in L.A. How will this affect his relationship with Sophie? Who knows. Maybe it won’t. (It probably will).

Jack and Rebecca (and Kate and Toby) 

Back in the 90′s, we see Rebecca leave for her tour and Jack begrudgingly send her off with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek. Kate’s pretty mad about this. More on that later. Jack drops the kids off at a party and heads home for a bit, but it’s not long before he heads to the bar for a work party. As you all remember, Jack and drinking do not mix well. After some mild flirting, Jack realizes that he should be supporting Rebecca. He decides (per Kate’s advice) that he’s going to drive two hours to her first concert.

After he’s been drinking.

Oh, and Kate finally opened up to Toby about Jack’s death: the reason she’s so sensitive about it is because she caused it.

By the end of the hour, we’ve got a pretty good idea about what may be about to happen to Jack…what we’ve been apprehensively waiting all season for.


Source: NBC // This is Us

Tune in next week for the season finale of This Is Us.