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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 11: Rogue Element

Eugene and “Stephanie” are in bed together at Eugene’s place. Stephanie is awake first and is reading Eugene’s manifest. He was a little ashamed that someone was reading it because he wasn’t finished, but she wanted to keep reading it all. She told him she was proud of him and he should keep with it. With this, they kiss as she says she needs to get to work. Eugene, in his ever awkward self, tells her that she loves him and gives her a key to his apartment. She says it back, and they make plans later for ice cream. Later in the day, Eugene is in the square waiting for Stephanie, he and Princess are talking, and Eugene tells her what is going on, and she says if a woman says she loves you have to believe her, but Stephanie never shows. So Eugene decides to go and look for Stephanie. He is able to slip into the apartment building and goes to her apartment, and knocks on the door calling her name. She doesn’t answer the door, but we are able to see she is inside, hurriedly packing up clothes into a briefcase.

At the newspaper building, Connie is having a battle with her boss on the story they are running compared to the story they should be running. Connie wants to tell the story of Trooper Davis, who he was, why he lashed out, and to dig further into his allegations. She is upset because she senses that all she is being asked to do is to paraphrase the comments of Pamela Milton at the banquet. Her boss says that is exactly what she wants Connie to do so she doesn’t have to in the future. Connie and her sister Kelly aren’t about to give this up, so they go snooping around to his interrogation room. They ask what he is being charged with and if he has a lawyer, Mercer opens the door and sees them with a growl on his face and slams the door shut.

Carol and Hornsby go on a trip that is outside of the Commonwealth’s normal group of communities. Hornsby says they are working with a dealer who gets poppy seeds that the Commonwealth trades with to make opioids for the hospital. Hornsby says he is difficult to deal with, and the crew wants a raise, which I’m a little confused about because I don’t know if they are a part of the communities and actually use money? In any case, Hornsby will talk with Moto, and he says if they want a raise, they need to produce more. That is the best he can do. He knows that Carol is observant and can see things, so he lets her go to work. In the end, it turns out that Carol was able to talk to a lieutenant, who told her that he was stealing from them and threatening to beat up anyone who threatened to say anything. Hornsby trusts what Carol says and has some of the soldiers arrest Moto on the spot.

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Meanwhile, back at the Commonwealth, Rosita and her partner do a quick wellness check on Stephanie, but she is not in her apartment. Eugene doesn’t take it well. Later that night, Princess does a little wellness check on him, saying she has lasagna to get in his apartment. Spoiler alert, she didn’t have lasagna, but she was already looking in on Eugene’s project, which is trying to figure out who all the players are that he has been following. It started with him following a “plumber” that left Stephanie’s apartment building the night of her disappearance. He said that the man didn’t have any supplies and followed him to a weird building. He saw another man who was at the building, who helped move out all her stuff from her apartment. He does some snooping a few days later in her file and sees that she had a “job transfer.” He has another person on his list to look after and has figured out this person does a 10 mile run every morning, so when he leaves, he asks Princess to break into the man’s apartment with him to look around. She reluctantly does it while Eugene is snooping around, but it starts to rain, and his run is cut way short. They notice he has a huge stash of guns under his bed. With this, they try to leave but are caught by some soldiers and who I imagine is the apartment manager.

Paola Lázaro as Juanita ‘Princess’ Sanchez, Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC.

When Hornsby and Carol return from their trip, Hornsby goes and sees them in jail. Hornsby convinces Eugene to sign a statement that he was unstable, which caused him to do the things he did. Eugene, not seeing a real way to get out of it, reluctantly signs it. With a quick side story, Connie and Kelly get a letter slid under their apartment door. The paper is a list, with the bottom name is Tyler Davis, who was the soldier that snapped at the banquet. I am curious to see what this list is. Is it the list of soldiers? Is it a list of who has been screwed from the Commonwealth? Or perhaps it’s a list of all of these “others” that Trooper Davis was talking about.

Back with Eugene, he is still trying to get to the bottom of everything. He sneaks his way into this mysterious building, he has a squirt bottle of some sort of alcohol in it and squirts it in the eyes of one person, but “Stephanie” kicks him in the gut and stops Eugene in his tracks. Hornsby is there, does this man ever sleep? Hornsby tells Stephanie and the others to go. He will take care of it. Eugene says he figured it all out, how Hornsby used him to get him and his people here, how he was used by Stephanie to learn everything about the people, all the way to forging documents and making him sign the affidavit in jail. Hornsby essentially just dares Eugene to do it. He doesn’t feel bad. He says in the end, his people should thank him for all that they now have. He says that Stephanie’s real name is Shira. She hates Iron Maiden, but she really did enjoy his book with that Hornsby goes upstairs with the others.

Eugene is in an alleyway burning all of Stephanie’s missing posters. He is in a real funk. Someone comes to the gate and is calling out for Eugene a few times, but he just ignores her, so she calls out the name Tater Bug. She says Blue Weevil to Tater Bug, and please come back, just like how it used to be on the radio. Eugene is understandably confused. He asks her who she is? She slowly starts to come inside the alley and says it’s her, the person she was talking to on the radio. The person is Pamela Milton’s right hand.

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