On this side of TGON, we like to showcase indie-created farming sims. Recently, we discussed A Garden Witch’s Life, where magic and farming coexisted. However, this week we will be looking at a different kind of magic. The most magical thing in this world is science! So here is the world of Research Story.

research story
Source: Research Story’s Presskit

The Story

Research Story takes place in the town of Shimmerbrook, where the main character is a scientist, working with the Violet Archive. This team of archivists sets up shop due to the strange plants and creatures popping up around the area. With their aid and the help of a local druid, players will find endless things to do in Research Story. First, players can discover and record plant and animal sightings in their notebooks. After some research, players can then grow crops and raise the critters they find. In addition, there are items to be crafted, friends to be made, and more!


Coming into this demo, I already knew this would be a game I would adore. The graphics are light and pleasant without being overly cutesy. Plus, the idea of being a scientist was genuinely intriguing. But, I have to admit, my favorite aspect of the game so far is the notebook. The ability to record my findings in an interactive way is pleasing. I actually feel as if I accomplished something, which is always a good sign.

Additionally, the characters that I ran into during my playthrough were well fleshed out and seemed to have much life. Finally, I absolutely cannot get over the adorable tamable creatures. I would do literally anything for these sprout kittens, and I am not ashamed to admit it! Overall, this is title has a lot of potential, and I cannot wait to see where PetalCatGames takes it.

Odds and Ends

If you want to play the Research Story demo, head on over to its Steam page. While there is no release date as of yet, news can be found on their Twitter page and the Discord. In the end, I encourage anyone interested in this game to Wishlist it immediately.