Last week’s episode of “Scorpion” put Walter and Toby in a perilous situation! While trying to transport Toby’s sperm to a fertility appointment, they ended up getting stuck in the midst of a bank robbery. Toby blamed Walter because Walt was adamant about stopping at the bank on the way to the appointment despite Toby’s insistence that they were on a time crunch. But with some quick thinking and the help of a sympathetic police officer, Toby ended up getting his ‘boys’ to the doctor safely. While all that went down, Sylvester gained the confidence to ask Florence out of a date (with Ralph’s help). Unfortunately, Florence didn’t realize it was a date and Sly ended up pretty put out by the end of it all. But at least we know there is a possibility for a Quintis baby!

First, I have to say that seeing Ralph play up the wingman role was amazing. He has such a mature outlook on the romance between others that I’d probably trust him just as much as Sly does. This episode also really brought out some his personality that he inherited from Paige – he’s been acting as an emotional interpreter for Sly for a while, but it was more prevalent in this episode than any other. And it was a good thing he was there to help, because Sly would have been clueless about Flo’s interpretation of their “date” and probably would have gotten his heart broken.


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The main plotline of this episode was pretty standard and, if I’m being honest, I wasn’t impressed. Every moment felt predictable and the script just felt stiff. But it was ultimately about getting Toby’s sperm to the doctor on time and that happened, so I can’t complain too much!

I was a little surprised to see Happy express some concern about being fit to be a mother. Happy is always a very strong-willed person and takes a lot of risks that other members of the team won’t take. We’ve already seen Toby become vulnerable because of his fertility issues, so now it’s interesting to see Happy’s vulnerability come out in regard to maternity insecurities. If you ask me, all of their doubts and worries just mean that they are going to be some amazing parents when they finally have a kid. Paige is going to be so proud!

And speaking of families, can we just appreciate the little family dinner Walter had with Paige and Ralph? It seemed very normal and comfortable, which shows how far Walter has come with his emotions since season one. Toby expressed admiration for the way Walter has filled a paternal void in Ralph’s life, and that really stood out at the dinner table. My only fear is that everything might be a little too perfect with Waige right now.


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Finally, I have to say that it was rather annoying to hear Toby continuously blaming Walter for their predicament in this episode. Granted, if Walter hadn’t insisted they stop at the bank on the way to the doctor they wouldn’t have ended up as hostages during an armed bank robbery. But we never found out why Walter wanted to stop at the bank in the first place. Toby kept insisting it was a “selfish” reason, but if there is anything we have learned about Walter this season it’s that he cares for his loved ones more than himself. I have a feeling that Walter was up to something that would benefit Happy and Toby…Toby just doesn’t realize it yet. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

Yes, I said next week. “Scorpion” won’t be airing this week, but don’t sweat it! We’ve been through much longer hiatuses than this, and the show will return on Monday, March 19. From then through April, we’ll be set! So curl up tonight with your favorite episode and send me a shoutout on Twitter to let me know which one you’re watching!