We’ve had such a funny roller coaster ride for the wannabe heroes of “Galavant.” The final moments of last week’s episode with Sid impaling Galavant with his own sword (natch) put the quest in total jeopardy. Riding frantically to Sporin, Bobbi, Sid and King Richard meet the local apothecary, Neo…of Sporin (LOLZZZZZ). Upon seeing Galavant near death, Neo of Sporin (LOLZZZZZ, I can’t stop!) diagnoses him as needing IMMEDIATE medical attention. He then proceeds to sing a song about that medical attention while Galavant passes away. In a limbo/shadowlands of sorts, Galavant realizes Isabella is seriously vexed with him and vows to reclaim her love. Upon being revived, he is changed. A highly notable change is within Galavant when the zombie horde Neo of Sporin (hehehe) keeps begins to follow him.

While Galavant is dying and reviving, Isabella and her squad are prepping for war. Imagine her horror when, as general, she discovers the armory is full of toys. The ensuing peace treaty talks with Madalena and Gareth dissolve into an epic diva dance-off between the queen and the princess. With peace talks off of the table Madalena takes Wormwood’s potion for the “D’Dew”: Dark Dark Evil Way. As the battle between Valencia and Hortensia begin, Madalena’s glow red and we know the D’Dew has worked.

Did I mention that Bobbi and Richard consummated their burgeoning love, the unicorn isn’t following Richard anymore and Bobbi ditched Richard because she can’t bare to see him die a horrible, terrible, awful death? I didn’t? Welp, that all went down too. Follow TGON for the epic season finale for what goes down next.