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Where Spencer goes, trouble follows and in the penultimate episode of Ballers, trouble is his middle name.

Remember the promise Spencer made to Q that he’d handle any and all issues related to Ohio State and the NCAA? Welllllll. Turns out bringing a lot of attitude to The Ohio State was the wrong move. The NCAA investigators rifling through Jayda and Quincy’s home proved that.

Courtesy of HBO

And also remember: ASM is a partnership. And while Spencer is incurring the wrath of one of the most powerful and corrupt organizations on the planet, Joe is still plugging along. Trying to make water out of wine with Illegal Civilization, he enlists the large presences of Vernon and Sizzle to knock some sense into those knuckleheads. After a spectacularly shot marketing short (with cameos from Vern and Sizz), Nike is in and Joe’s dream isn’t dead yet.

But Spencer’s hubris and Spencer’s past demons and Spencer, Spencer, Spencer finds a way to jeopardize everything. His crusade to bring down the NCAA boils over and Jayda and Quincy take the fall. The spillover is massive and has wide reaching consequences, including ASM’s recent acquisition of the USC football television rights.

Courtesy of HBO

And the conflict doesn’t end there. Ricky’s call for social justice isn’t floating the boat of the Rams’ front office. But Charles sees and feels the spark and he wants to be a part of it. His impassioned plea to ownership is a strong indicator of the real-life pulse Ballers has.

The only problem remains Ricky. Not his quest for social justice or his tiff with his family. It’s the fact that Ricky’s comeback ain’t all organic. And the shady-looking liquid and hypodermic needle he injects into himself proves that. Oh. Noes.

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