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We open to a newscast at The Clam. There is a new laundromat in town, Duds & Suds. The guys are excited to go.

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Stewie jumps to the floor with Rupert earning him getting yelled at by Chris since he gets to sleep in. Lois gives Stewie one of her old toys, Chi-Chi, and wants him to love it as much as Rupert. Stewie and Rupert have an odd relationship. There again, Stewie is weirdly eccentric at such a young age. Over at the laundromat, the guys are folding their undies. When Joe pointed out that Peter’s tightie whities looked the same as Quagmire’s, Quagmire quickly pointed out that Peter wears Hanes and he wears Planes.

Stewie shares his trouble with Chi-Chi to Doug at school. He finds that Doug has similar concerns. They decide to take care of the other person’s “problem.” Peter somehow squeezed into a pair of Quagmire’s planes and started acting like Quagmire. Quagmire does the same with Peter’s undies. True to his word, Doug off’s Chi-Chi. When Stewie keeps his word, he finds out that Miss Tiddywinkles is a real, live cat. He can’t kill a real cat.

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Peter was already four sandwiches short of a picnic before the swap. Now it is so much worse. How many pairs of underwear did they swap? Doug isn’t seeing the problem with Miss Tiddywinkles being a live cat but sweetens the pot if Stewie takes her out. Maybe the kindergartners can throw rocks at Stewie. So Stewie does the only logical thing he can do, bring Brian in. This won’t go well.

Holy crap, there is so much to sort out. Does the whole underwear thing straighten out? Do Quagmire and Peter go back to their usual kooky selves? What about the cat? Does Brian defeat her? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time…